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Naomi and Hannah Moxon, better known as Classical Reflection, appeared on Series 4 of The Voice UK where they were mentored by Kaiser Chiefs lead singer Ricky Wilson. Their album Echo reached number three in the UK classical charts and has led them on to performances at the Royal Albert Hall and a nomination at the Classic Brit Awards. The twins perform at many charity concerts and their latest album release is in support of Alzheimer’s Society. Taking time to talk to us, we find out about their TV experience, performing at the Royal Albert Hall and recording an album at Peterborough Cathedral.

Did you both get into classical music at the same age?

Yes, singing was always something that we did together from a very young age. Our mum would organise music mornings where we would just sing for fun with her, there is a video online actually of us both singing a nursery rhyme together, we must have been about two!

What do you enjoy most about performing together?

The best thing about performing together is the buzz you get from walking out onto stage, it’s so much better when you have your sister with you.

Do you play any musical instruments?

We both played a bit of piano and clarinet, but singing was always something we wanted to pursue.

Can you remember your first concert as Classical Reflection?

Yes, we started singing for events professionally when we were sixteen years old, our first booked event was for our local mayor, we remember feeling so nervous! Our first concert together was soon after, we were delighted as it was a sell out!

How did you find your experience on The Voice UK?

The Voice UK was a fantastic experience being four years ago now, time has flown! We feel truly very lucky to have had such a positive time on the show, it has opened up many more opportunities for us, so we would certainly suggest it for other performers.

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How did your recent photoshoot go?

The photoshoot was great, thank you, we are taking promotional shots for our upcoming single that is coming out later this summer. We shot on the beach, it was a little chilly but the scenery looked amazing.

Do you both decide on your outfits?

Yes, the outfits have to be a joint decision because we try to always wear the same when performing. There are never fights over what to wear, normally something will stand out!

What’s it like performing at the Royal Albert Hall?

We really love singing at The Royal Albert Hall, it is truly the most amazing venue, the acoustics are just made for music so we are so excited to sing there again.

How did you get involved with the Music Man Project?

The Music Man Project is an amazing charity which helps musicians with learning disabilities to experience fantastic performances, we were so touched by some of the amazing stories, we wanted to help out the charity in any way we could. We have also recently been made patrons of the charity which is amazing, we can’t wait to sing with them all on The Royal Albert Hall stage next year.

For your shows, how do you decide what songs to perform?

Song wise we normally have a chat about the sort of event it will be, then we pick which songs fit best!


What does it feel like being nominated for a Classic Brit Award 2018?

It is so amazing being nominated at The Classical Brits, we feel very honoured, it is also such a great platform to bring classical music to a younger generation.

Will you be attending the ceremony?

We will be going to the ceremony, yes! We are so excited to watch Andrea Bocelli perform as he is our classical idol!

When and how did you find out you’d been nominated?

We first knew we were nominated when the Brits gave us a spotlight on their website, it was so exciting!

How was it recording your album Echo at Peterborough Cathedral and how long did it take?

Our number three selling album ECHO was recorded at Peterborough Cathedral over two nights, to get the quietness needed to record. We had an amazing full orchestra Ely Sinfonia joining us, Steve Bingham conductor, David Leighton sound engineer and West End musical director Adrian Sutcliffe, who we worked with on our previous album. It was such a lovely couple of nights and everybody was a joy to be with. The sound was especially beautiful as the acoustics really worked well with the high ceilings, we are both thrilled that the album was so greatly received.

Will you be releasing new music this year?

Yes, we will be releasing a single this coming summer which is really exciting, we have worked with an amazing composer called Florian Bur, who writes beautiful cinematic piano scores and produced by the brilliant David Leighton, who we worked with on our previous album. We absolutely love the emotion that he puts into his songwriting, and so we have written lyrics to one of his compositions. This new classical crossover piece will be released for the charts this summer!

Do you have any performances in the next couple of months?

We have some really exciting events planned over the next few months, including performing at the Proms at National Memorial Arboretum August 4th, performing for The Chelsea Pensioners again in September, as well as some very exciting celebrity carol concerts at Christmas. There are a few events that we can’t announce yet, but we are especially looking forward to!

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