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This coming Friday, twins Naomi and Hannah Moxon, known as Classical Reflection, are releasing their new single Till There Was You, which has been recorded in their living room during lockdown, and they have filmed a music video for the single which was shot at Pentney Abbey, also releasing on the same day. Naomi and Hannah often perform at shows and events, with some of their recent being for The Salvation Army and The Carabao Cup Final at Wembley Stadium, and this week, they are performing for Livability and for Classical Crossover Magazine’s concert. Catching up with Classical Reflection before their single release, they talk about Till There Was You, filming the music video at Pentney Abbey and their upcoming performances.

Your new single Till There Was You is released this week, can you tell us about it?

Yes, so our new single Till There Was You is coming out on the 18th of December, it is a beautiful song originally written for the film The Music Man. We think the lyrics are really beautiful and we thought that even though it isn’t a traditional Christmas song we thought it felt Christmassy to us!

Was there anything that helped you decide to release it as a single and how did it come about?

We thought with the year everyone has had we wanted to do something for Christmas as it is our absolute favourite time of the year. We worked with some great people on this song including Tom Bullen, who mixed the song and Pete Naylor, who filmed our music video. It was great to be creative again with fellow self-employed people. It was a joint project and we all had a great time doing it.

How have you found working on the single during COVID-19?

It was only something we all decided on a very short time ago, we talked about it in November and by the following month we have a new single! COVID was something that has affected so many people during this year, but we felt music has given a little bit of relief, for us included, so we feel very lucky. We have also been teaching singing during the COVID period. We have always taught singing even prior to the COVID lockdown, however with the new restrictions we have seen a real uptake in virtual lessons.

What was it like hearing the finished song for the first time and what can people expect from the release?

It was amazing to hear the finished song, we actually recorded it in our living room which was a new experience! But the amazing Tom Bullen made it seem as though we were in a normal studio setting. We are releasing it on the 18th of December across all platforms, we have a music video which will also be coming out on the same day which we are really excited for people to see.

How was the experience filming the Till There Was You music video at Pentney Abbey?

It was so amazing to film at Pentney Abbey, it feels like a fairytale castle in there! We had an amazing team who made the Abbey look like a winter Narnia scene, it was all worth the cold toes!

What was the most enjoyable part about filming there?

The best part about filming there was the team, they made it such an enjoyable day especially as we had such a short time frame. We would love to go back at some point for another project!

Can you say about some of the events you’ve recently performed at which included for Guide Dogs and The Salvation Army?

Yes, so even though most of the face-to-face events have been postponed this year, we have loved singing for a number of virtual events including The Salvation Army at the beautiful Royal Albert Hall. As well as The Guide Dogs Christmas Wishes event where we are singing When You Believe.

What do you enjoy most about performing at shows like these and what upcoming events do you have?

We have actually loved singing for virtual events, it has been a year of new things so by now they seem the new normal! We are singing for Livability’s Concert on the 17th of December alongside Songs of Praise’s Pam Rhodes and Alan Titchmarsh. Plus, we are singing for the Classical Crossover Magazine’s concert on the 20th of December! We are hoping to be able to announce some in person events early next year! We absolutely loved performing the National Anthem for The Carabao Cup Final early this year at Wembley Stadium, so we are looking forward to sporting events returning too.

How does it feel working alongside the many charities you’re involved with?

We have a few events that are always so special for us. The charities are always some favourite events to perform for. They are such inspiring people. We have a number of charities who we support every year, however we always love discovering a new charity to support.

Have you been given any advice during your career so far that has stuck with you?

We definitely believe that if you have a dream or idea, you can make it a reality. We know it seems cheesy but it works!

What do you enjoy doing away from music?

We have actually just got a King Charles Spaniel puppy, he is now six months old called Wally, so he has certainly kept us busy when we aren’t singing!

Who are some of your favourite music artists to listen to?

We love listening to all types of music, at the moment we love Ben Platt, our favourite genre to listen to is probably musical theatre!

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