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Currently, Tom Mulheron is appearing as Luka Malinovsky in Casualty for his first regular TV role, playing the son of advanced clinical practitioner Faith and paramedic Lev Malinovsky and is involved with a major storyline where he is battling a brain tumour. Amongst Tom’s other recent credits, he will be seen as Finn in The Last Vermeer, with the release now postponed due to the current pandemic, has starred in the award-winning short film Rocket Boy, which led to him being nominated for Best Actor, and has filmed for the upcoming Series 4 of The Crown. Tom has also filmed for George Ezra’s music video for Pretty Shining People and has worked on many commercials and modelling shoots. Chatting to Tom, he told us about his ongoing role of Luka in Casualty, filming for the future release of The Last Vermeer and working on George Ezra’s music video.

What is Luka Malinovsky like to play in Casualty and can you tell us about filming for the role?

I play Lev (Uriel Emil) and Faith’s (Kirsty Mitchell) son in Casualty. I am diagnosed with a brain tumour and having major surgery and chemotherapy doesn’t look to improve. It’s a very sad storyline but I was honoured to play such an important role. It will have been my longest acting role being given a year long contract with the BBC.

How was the experience joining the cast and what have you enjoyed most about working on the show?

Having been given a speaking role has allowed me to showcase my acting ability. The crew are amazing they make me feel part of a wonderful family. I love travelling down with my mum to Cardiff every month as they put us up in a lovely hotel. I really love my chaperone Juli too, they really look after you. Filming resumes in September since Covid closed production for the last four months.

How did you prepare for playing the character and what was it like reading the script for the first time?

I could relate to the character as he’s in a lovely family set up with his sister, mum and dad. I had been used to script work with lots of other projects but they send you them with plenty of notice so I always have time to practice them. My parents explained the complexities of the role with being diagnosed with cancer and felt it was an important subject to raise awareness for.

Can you describe how you felt finding out you’d booked your first regular role in a TV series?

I had auditioned for this at Elstree and my real sister Honor was also asked. My agent at Talent4kidz called with the news, we were so excited. The funny thing was they ended up calling my on-screen sister Honor so she had some influence over it. Having a regular role means that I am able to have long-standing presence on people’s TV screens. I had worked for the BBC before starring as Levi in Inside No. 9, so it was great to work for such a fabulous broadcaster again.

Can you tell us about filming for your role as Finn in The Last Vermeer?

Filming took place in both Surrey and Rotterdam. It’s based in the 1940s so my wardrobe was very specific to that era. It was like going back in time! It’s a true story based on Joseph Piller (Claes Bang) who is a soldier investigating the renowned Dutch Artitse Han Van Meegeren (Guy Pearce). I play Joseph Piller’s son Finn. This was due to be released in May this year but has been postponed due to Covid.

How long were you on set and what was it like working with Claes Bang as your father?

Claes was so friendly to me on set over the four days of filming. There was a scene where I had to pretend to be asleep with my mum and dad and I actually fell asleep! I was invited to the after show party and we both messed around trying silly hats and props on in the photobooth.

You were nominated for an award for the short film Rocket Boy, how did you feel upon hearing this?

This film was amazing for me as it had me star in pretty much the whole film. It was to commemorate the first man on the moon in 1969, so you can imagine how much of a big deal it was in America. I was nominated as Best Actor at the Austin Revolution Film Festival in Texas. The film got so much recognition in the US having been selected into thirty film festivals. It won awards in Glasgow, Berlin and Houston.

You recently filmed for a Mulino Bianco commercial in Rome, how was this?

I loved Rome, I felt so lucky to be there this February. We flew out on Valentine’s weekend to start six days of filming. I starred in the whole thirty-second commercial as the lead boy, I even had three days where I was able to take in all the sights. The food and hotel was amazing and all expenses paid for, I felt like a star.

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What was the Lidl Christmas commercial like to be part of?

It was my first Xmas supermarket commercial so I was excited to be on the telly at that time of year. Pretending to be eating Xmas turkey and pulling Xmas crackers with all the family was fun. It’s always great to get a Xmas one!

You filmed for the Smart Energy commercial, can you say more about this?

This one was aired the most and every friend noticed me on this one. It was another green screen set up so I was running across crash mats to then be super imposed in front of electricity pylons. It even aired in the ad break of the Championship Final, which I was watching being a big Liverpool fan!

You’ve worked on a few modelling projects – including for Marks & Spencer – can you tell us about working on these?

Modelling is fun especially when you get seen on the school uniform page by your school friends. What is nice is that this is regular work and they call me up every few months to shoot for a few hours.

How was the experience filming the Kids Know Best and Penguin Books video for Diary of a Wimpy Kid?

The guys down at KKB are fab. I love the Wimpy books so it was pretty easy to do the review. It was my first time of being a newsreader, I felt all official in my suit and tie. I got to interview Jeff Goldblum through them too, they have given me some amazing opportunities.

You’ve worked on George Ezra’s music video for Pretty Shining People, what was this like?

Turning up at Sony Studios and meeting your favourite singer, that was amazing. It really tested my dancing ability, I was put together with two ten-year-old National Championship stars, to say it was a challenge but I managed to learn the choreography.

What do you enjoy most about your career?

Meeting so many amazing people from Brad Pitt, Joan Collins, Sienna Miller, Jimmi Simpson to Tom Holland and Guy Pearce. The red carpet experience has to be what was most exciting and I hope to be back on another one soon.

What are you hoping the future will bring for you?

I am starring in Series 4 of The Crown this November, have six months left to run on my Casualty contract, and a super exciting film role starting filming beginning of next year in Germany. The future looks very bright for me and I thank everyone that believes in me and has helped get me where I am. Every day I feel very lucky.

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