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Appearing in the award-winning episode, USS Callister, of Black Mirror in 2017, Alphabet Kidz’s Tom Mulheron has already filmed a number of major roles across film and TV. His episode of BBC’s Inside No. 9 was aired this year where he acted alongside the leading actors Steve Pemberton and Reece Shearsmith, and is continuing to film roles with his most recent being a short movie called Rocket Boy. We recently talked to Tom to find out at what age he booked his first major role, filming for Black Mirror and playing a young Jack Fawcett in The Lost City Of Z.

How old were you when you booked your first major acting role?

I was only four years old, it was my very first film casting and I got it. It was so exciting.


What do you remember from your time on The Lost City of Z?

Lots of lovely countryside in Ireland, it was my first time in Ireland. My film mum, Sienna Miller, and dad, Charlie Hunnam, played some fun games with me on set. My mum and dad took me and we spent a lovely week in Belfast.


Did you spend much time with the rest of the cast?

My first day in wardrobe I met with Tom Holland and Robert Pattinson. Their filming dates were after mine so I didn’t get to see much of them after that. The next time was at the premiere – Sienna Miller gave me a huge hug and Tom Holland a high five.


Did you have to work with Bobby Smalldridge, who played the seven-year-old Jack, and Tom Holland who played the older Jack?

As I played Jack Fawcett age three, Bobby and Tom were on set after my filming was completed unfortunately, as they played the older character.


Where was your episode of Black Mirror filmed and how long did you spend on set?

We spent three days filming at Twickenham Studios. They had a makeshift spaceship that we spent all our filming time in. Jimmi Simpson played my on-screen dad, he was so nice to me.

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What’s the experience like being part of such a big show?

As the cast were all American, it felt different to what I had done before. I had a vocal coach brushing up on my American accent. As it’s an 18, I haven’t been able to watch it, but my mum loves all of the new series.


Who did you spend most time with whilst filming?

Both Jesse Plemons, the baddie and Jimmi Simpson, my on-screen dad.


Can you tell us about your character Levi in the series Inside No. 9?

I never knew what a Pot Noodle was before I filmed this 😀. I had to feed my on-screen dad, Steve Pemberton, them daily as he was locked up in the basement. It’s another show I’ve done that’s rating is over my age to be able to watch it.


What was it like acting alongside Steve Pemberton and Reece Shearsmith?

They were both lovely to me on set and made me feel very at home.


What was your part in The Time Of Their Lives?

I played a French boy called Eric, who accidentally falls into the sea and Pauline Collins saves me.

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What did you have to do for CBeebies Explore the Universe?

I worked with the amazing puppeteers from War Horse. They had me somersaulting and flying through space, it was so much fun and my first ever job at just four.


Is there anything you can tell us about Lyrebird and your character Finn?

This is still in pre-production, but it’s set in World War Two about a Nazi sympathiser. I play the son aged six.


Which TV shows do you enjoy watching?

I love football mainly and so excited about the World Cup. Anything Marvel or DC related, I love all the superhero films. I recently interviewed Jeff Goldblum on the new Jurassic World movie, he was such a great guy. You can find this on YouTube with Kids Know Best.


Have you had any acting roles overseas as yet?

I worked on last year’s Mercedes advert in Lithuania, CSS Insurance in Lithuania and an amazing Movistar Disney commercial, which filmed in Madrid.


Are there any roles you’re filming later this year that you can tell us about?

I’ve just finished filming a wonderful short film called Rocket Boy, commemorating Neil Armstrong’s 50th year anniversary landing on the moon, watch this space 😀.


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