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Jake Sellers uploads comedy and lip sync videos to his @jakesalright TikTok account on a regular basis, where he has over 300k followers. With his success on TikTok, Jake can also be seen uploading videos to his recently-started YouTube channel and will be attending this year’s VidCon in the summer. Speaking to us recently, Jake tells us about his future upload plans, who he’d like to collaborate with and his TikTok account.

When did you originally get into TikTok and what was the first video you uploaded?

I originally joined TikTok in 2016 and didn’t start posting for a couple of weeks. I was making videos but never had the courage to post them until I started to become obsessed with the app. My first video was a lip sync to the song To My Parents by Anna Clendening.

Were you given any advice before starting your channel or what would you have liked to have known beforehand?

I was not given any advice before starting my account. Some advice I would give myself would be to be patient. Growing a following takes time and it all doesn’t come at once. Keep going and try new things until you find what you’re really good at.

What do you enjoy most about having a TikTok account?

The thing I enjoy most about having a TikTok account is the amount of friends you can make. Most people on TikTok share the same background and reasons why they joined the app, and it is cool to see that you aren’t alone.


Have you had a most fun video to record?

The video that I had the most fun recording was probably a dance video with my mom. It was funny watching her dance to Old Town Road as she didn’t know what the song was.

How do you come up with your comedy videos?

I come up with my comedy videos by scrolling through the app and combining trends. I also use Twitter and a lot of meme pages to put me in a “funny” mood.

How do you decide what songs to lip sync to?

I decide what songs to lip sync to by scrolling through my playlists. I have a pretty open taste in music and I pick what songs are generally my mood for the day.

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What encouraged you to start up a YouTube channel?

I was encouraged to start a YouTube channel when many of my friends started theirs. They were telling me how fun it was to make videos that are longer in length, and I wanted to try it out myself.

Are there any YouTube or TikTok stars you’d like to collaborate with?

There are A LOT of YouTubers and TikTok stars I would love to collaborate with. Shane Dawson, Andre Swiley and AddyUrDaddy. They all seem like genuine funny people and I feel we would have a good time.

If you didn’t spend time uploading to TikTok, what do you think you’d be doing?

If I didn’t spend a lot of time uploading to TikTok, I would be working. I’ve had a job for a few years as well as doing social media, and I find that I take my work very seriously, so if I wasn’t doing social media I would probably be working more.


What’s the best thing to come out of your career so far?

The best thing to come out of my career so far would be the support I have gotten. From being bullied in school to having a lot of people look up to you is a huge change in my personality. Starting social media, I was the shy kid but now I’m more outgoing.

What’s it like having a large following and what advice would you give someone whose following numbers are growing?

Having a large following doesn’t feel different than before I had it. I feel as though it helped build my self-confidence and it helped my supporters with what they are going through. If your followers are growing I would tell you to be true to yourself and don’t change for the other people around you. People like other people who are confident and don’t care about what other people think about themselves.

What are your upload plans for both channels over summer?

Over the summer I plan on making videos with a lot of other influencers. I’m going to VidCon and have a lot of videos that are just waiting to be made.

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