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With his professional acting career starting in 2017, Braxton Herda had roles in many TV shows that year including Curb Your Enthusiasm and Scorpion, which starred Katharine McPhee. Other roles for Braxton have included playing a school bully in the Golden Globe-nominated series Kidding and portrayed Young Fred in this year’s release of feature film Long Shot, the younger version of Seth Rogen’s character. Talking with Braxton, he tells us about his first professional role, working on Kidding and filming as Young Fred in Long Shot.

Can you tell us about your character Young Fred in the new award-winning feature film Long Shot and what was it like playing a young Seth Rogen?

Young Fred is an awkward boy who takes a chance on his crush which is his babysitter. It was a blast getting the opportunity to work on a movie with someone who I have wanted to work with for years.

How was the experience being part of the film and cast?

It was a blast. Everyone was welcoming and chill. I would love the opportunity to work with them again.

Was there a premiere and were you able to attend?

There was a premiere, but unfortunately, I wasn’t able to attend.

📷 : Photo courtesy of LRM Publicity

Last year, you played a school bully in Jim Carrey’s Kidding, how did you find the experience?

I don’t really like bully roles because I would rather make people laugh, but I love being an actor and part of being an actor is portraying something that you are not. I wish that I would have met Jim Carrey. Our paths didn’t cross on set.

What was it like on set of this show?

It was on location at a school. I had a really early call time. My scene took a couple of hours to film due to us having to do a stunt punch for the scene. It was an amazing experience getting to do that, not many actors get to work with stunts.

How did you find your time filming for Arrested Development?

It was a direct casting so I wasn’t on set for long, but I enjoyed every second of it.

You played Eddie in a couple of episodes of Curb Your Enthusiasm, can you say about this?

That I will never forget. Working with the brilliant Larry David and Lauren Graham is something words can’t describe. They cut a lot of funny stuff but I’ll never forget the time I had with that amazing cast and crew. The crew were so welcoming, they showed me how hard it is to hold the mic and camera and made me appreciate their work a lot more.

Can you tell us about Will vs. the Future and your character Gary McGinty?

Playing Gary was my first experience doing a pilot. I played a bully with an untouchable fashion sense, I mean, Gary was a good-looking bully. I loved playing that interesting character, and he won’t soon leave my heart.

We understand you did an Instagram Live Q&A with the show, what was this like to do?

It was great to hang out with the cast and interact with fans of the show.

📷 : Photo courtesy of LRM Publicity

How much do you remember from your first professional role?

My first professional role was the Amazon Original show Just Add Magic. I had a small role as an impatient boy in a diner who wanted a milkshake.

Was there anything that inspired your acting career?

WWE inspired me to get into acting. I had big dreams of becoming Tag Team Champs with my brother.

Do you have a favourite actor you would like to work alongside?

I would have loved to work with Robin Williams but that, unfortunately, isn’t an option. I would love to work with any comedic legend like Jim Carrey, Adam Sandler and Billy Crystal, to name a few.

What upcoming career plans do you have that you can tell us about?

I am working on my stand-up comedy sets and trying to entertain myself.

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