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Country musician Stephan Hogan last year released his newest single Nomad Melody and is currently writing and recording new music for future release. He has previously performed live with Vince Gill and along with his music, Stephan works as a guitar teacher and also demoed the new Fender Alternate Reality Meteora electric guitar at NAMM 2019. Talking to the country artist, he tells us about performing with Vince Gill, his music video for Nomad Melody and future releases.

Last year, you released your newest single Nomad Melody, what was the response like to the release?

The response was gratifying. I received a bit of messages from people who are connecting with the song. People would tag me in posts where they were cruising down the road blasting the song. It’s also been nice to have feedback from some music business folks that hear a lot of music; they’ve all really liked the song.

The music video for Nomad Melody features the Joshua Tree, what plans do you have for your next video release?

I’m planning my next video right now. You can’t just do a music video for every song. I’m still deciding, but I want it to continue to have a travel/nomadic vibe. I think that travelling songs are my favourite. Songs and videos that make you feel free.


Where does the inspiration come from for your songwriting?

It usually stems from some feeling. My favourite songs are the ones that mean something and come from my soul. But one can’t always rely on emotions to write… Sometimes writing a song can be just like going to work. It’s what you do as a songwriter. Some turn out great and some are just alright. There is no formula and that’s the beauty.

Which country singer would you most like to collaborate with?

Chris Stapleton. I’ve got mad respect for his songwriting and overall vibe.


How did you find the experience performing alongside Vince Gill and are there plans to do more shows together?

It’s really cool. It’s like going to school. I just like to see how he goes about things; watch and learn. He’s super relaxed and never overplays. I’ve played with him twice and hope to one day play with him again.

What’s it like playing hometown shows and have you played your music overseas?

Hometown shows are like a big house party. All your friends, some drinks, and a good time. I look forward to heading back home one day and playing the Golden One Center. I’ve not yet played overseas.


Do you have any shows coming up and what would be your dream venue to perform at?

I just moved to Nashville and am setting up lots of writing sessions. I will be playing writers rounds and co-writing. Once I’m out here for a while I’ll get a band together.

I would like to perform at Stagecoach!

Where does your love of country music stem from?

I always liked songs that told stories. Growing up, I listened to a bunch of different kinds of music but ended up gravitating towards country music in my later teen years. I love telling stories and within the country genre there are so many kinds of “country music”… I was attracted to that.

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Do you enjoy playing music styles other than country?

I love playing blues music and anything with a funky pocket. I played guitar in jazz band in high school. Another passion of mine is teaching guitar to others. I recently transitioned all my lessons to Skype and enjoy teaching a variety of styles!

Are you currently working on new music and what are your future release plans?

I am working on lots of new songs. I have three that I will release in upcoming months; probably one song at a time. I think that singles work the best. I’ll be releasing something in late spring!

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