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Over the past couple of years, Chase Mangum has played the recurring character of Young Martin Riggs in Lethal Weapon, a role which won him a Young Entertainer Award, and has recently appeared in an episode of The Goldbergs among a number of other roles on screen. Along with his acting career, Chase is also a musician and part of the band TBD where they are preparing for upcoming concerts. We spoke to Chase about his role in Lethal Weapon, filming for The Goldbergs and his passion for music.

What do you remember from your first professional acting role?

When I was seven, I was on Let’s Make a Deal with my dad. My dad is the announcer on the show and Wayne Brady is like an uncle to me so it was so much fun. My brother and I broke piggy banks with a hammer.

Can you tell us about your character Young Martin Riggs in Lethal Weapon?

He is a very cool character. Riggs is a kid that has a really hard life, his mom dies when he is eleven/twelve and then his alcoholic dad raises him. I was so lucky to have Rex Linn play my dad. He was so kind to me and really helped me with Riggs.

How did it feel winning a Young Entertainer Award for this role?

I was so excited. I couldn’t believe it. There were so many talented teens in my category. It’s a very cool honour.

How long were you on set for?

I was so lucky they shot all of my scenes for each episode in one day. Most days, Rex and I were the only actors on set.

What was the experience like filming for this series?

It was amazing. The cast and crew were so incredible. It was the best experience ever.

How was it booking Lethal Weapon as your first recurring role?

So great!!!! It was the biggest show that I had ever been on. I was very nervous when I was on set for my first day of filming. The director/producer, Steve Boyum, came to my trailer and said wonderful things about my audition and welcomed me on the set. That really made my nerves go away.


Who is Psycho Mikowitz in The Goldbergs?

Psycho Mikowitz was such a fun character. He was in the posse that was against JTP on The Goldbergs. Psycho Mike has a nervous tick and can lose his temper very easily. It was surreal doing my scene with Barry (Troy Gentile) and Adam (Sean Giambrone), they were so nice and supportive.

How was your time filming your episode?

It was great! I rode a shuttle from Sony Studios to the Wawa mart with all of the guys in the JTP and Adam’s friends. I stepped up to get on the bus and I literally tripped and fell into Troy Gentile’s lap. I was so embarrassed. Troy laughed and said, “all good”. That was a great icebreaker.

What can you say about Take It From the Top?

It was a great TV pilot that I worked on. I played Jill Whelan’s son. She’s very cool. The character was very close to me, just a regular teen guy.

How was it being involved with Hellblazerbiz?

It was very cool. Chris Gordon does great interviews. I’m a big fan of his show. He does great work.

Can you say more about your interest in music?

I’ve been playing the drums since I was three. I play the bass in my high school jazz band and I sing and play bass in the band TBD. We play all over Los Angeles. Music is so special to me, I also love playing the piano and the guitar.

Do you have any concerts coming up soon?

Yes. The band that I am in have a few concerts coming up in support of Relay for Life which is a charity that raises money for Cancer Research. Our band has been performing in these concerts for a few years.

What came first for you, acting or music?

Music came first. My whole family play instruments and sing, so music has always been a big part of my life.

Can you see a future working in something other than the entertainment business?

Not right now. I hope that never changes. I just love music and acting so much.

Are you currently working on any productions or have any booked for the near future?

Right now I’ve been attending film festivals for my project, Take it From the Top, that’s been really fun.

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