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With his acting career, La’Ron Hines has appeared in TV series Cedar Sequoia International as Bert and also as himself in the 2018 film Dirt Merchants: Rebelistic, which was set in the 1980s. Also a keen singer, La’Ron was part of the Boys of Summer tour last year and is working closely with popular music producer Andrew Lane on upcoming releases. Recently answering our questions, we find out from La’Ron about filming for Dirt Merchants: Rebelistic, working with Andrew Lane and his new music.

Last year, you were on the line-up of the Boys of Summer tour, how did you find the experience touring?

Touring was a fun and interesting experience. It really tested my dedication to my craft. There were late nights and super early mornings. In the midst, I still found the experience to be enjoyable because performing is what I LOVE to do. I also met some other cool artists, influencers and super fans.

Do you have a favourite song to perform live?

So far I have a few, but my most favourite is Lit. The crowd’s energy whenever Lit comes on is one of my favourite things about it. I also like performing it because there’s a lot of dancing involved and when there’s dancing, the crowd tends to get hyper.

Is there anything you can tell us about the music you are currently working on and what are you looking forward to for the release?

Yes, I’m currently working on my EP and we are finishing up a couple more songs on it. When it releases, I’m hoping for good feedback from everyone who listens because a lot of hard work was involved from me, and my team as well. Besides the EP, I am currently working on a music video for my unreleased song, Lit, which I performed while on tour. After we film the video, I plan to release Lit and the video.

📷 : Katrina Hines

We understand you are working with music producer Andrew Lane, how is it working with him?

Working with Mr. Andrew is nothing short of a great experience. He’s very driven, a hard worker and he’s honest with you… which is exactly what I need. Mr. Andrew has worked on many projects like High School Musical and with many artists like Keith Sweat and Monica. After seeing his list of artists he’s worked with, I knew it was a privilege to have him work with me.

As an actor, you appeared in the feature film Dirt Merchants: Rebelistic, can you tell us about this?

In the movie I actually got to play myself which was super exciting. My character LaRon is a singer living out his dreams as an entertainer with hopes of making it big in the industry. Filming, for me, was kind of a sporadic experience. I would film several days at a time and then have days off and then back to work. My overall experience was a memorable one and I enjoyed every moment of it.

What was it like on set and being part of the cast?

The cast and crew was full of many great and talented people and it was an honour to work with them. We had such good times together even when the camera wasn’t rolling. Relationships formed were some of my most memorable experiences.

📷 : Katrina Hines

How was your time being involved in Cedar Sequoia International?

It was a great experience to be a part of. I became involved with Cedar Seqouia when I first started acting so it taught me a lot about life on set and I’m thankful to have the experience. It was one of my first bigger films and so much more was put into the project. As a result, I was able to experience life on set to a deeper extent.

What did you enjoy about filming for Let’s Kick It and do you know where it was released?

Let’s Kick It was very fun to film for many reasons. A lot of the actors were my friends prior to filming so on set was so much fun. It was also one of the first films I was a part of so it showed me the differences between TV and film and I got to see how everyone’s part works together to make this big and great production.

The film was part of many notable film festivals when everything was put together. Unfortunately, the movie was strictly for film festival purposes but there were a couple hundred DVDs given away.

📷 : Katrina Hines

Had you always wanted to be involved in the entertainment industry?

As long as I can remember I’ve always wanted to be involved in the entertainment industry. I remember when I was just three, all I wanted to do was sing. Later on, when I was around the age of five, I started watching shows on the Disney Channel and it made me want to be involved in acting. I remember the Disney stars I looked up to were the Sprouse twins and I’ve wanted to act ever since I saw them on their show The Suite Life of Zack & Cody. I also messaged Selena Gomez on Facebook and she responded. That is a memory that touched me as a little child and I still hold on to it. I would love to talk to her again.

How did your music and acting career come about?

Both have always been a passion for me ever since I was a little kid in elementary school. When I was nine, I remember telling my parents I wanted to act and they enrolled me into an acting summer camp. While at the camp, they had a talent show and I loved to sing. I never did it on stage but I decided to try it and everyone loved it. It surprised me and it definitely surprised my parents. After those moments at acting camp, my parents and I have continued to work hard to help my dreams come true by my continued work ethics and my parents’ investment in the tools needed for success.

Do you have any career plans coming up that you can tell us about?

Currently, I’m focusing on building my music library so that when I have another show, the music is fire. Additionally, I have been invited to perform on another well-known tour. More information will be released once all details are finalised.

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