Andrew Lane


Record producer and songwriter Andrew Lane has worked on many soundtracks including Disney productions High School Musical and Hannah Montana and has been creating TV show pilots recently. As a record producer, Andrew has had success with artists such as Backstreet Boys, and with his company Drew Right Music, is currently working with a number of musicians with ‘that band Honey.’ reaching number one on Radio Disney. Answering our questions, Andrew tells us about working on Disney projects, what he looks for in a music artist and his involvement with upcoming film Next Level.

Have you always worked in the entertainment industry?

Yes, from the age of fifteen years old. I would play in sessions with professional artists and musicians in some of the major recording studios in Hollywood and in the Los Angeles areas.

How did you first get into songwriting and music production?

When my father bought me my first multitrack, I would produce songs and sessions in my garage studio in Long Beach, CA.

Have you worked with any UK-based artists?

Yes, an artist named Jamelia. I co-wrote and co-produced a song called Ghetto and in 2001, my song Solo came in second place in the Eurovision Song Contest on an artist named Alsou.


What do you look for in a music artist?

The ‘It’ Factor and an artist that believes in themselves and is willing to work just as hard as I do.

How did you go about starting Drew Right Music?

I wanted to do music the Right way, so hence that’s how that came about.

What’s it like working on soundtracks such as High School Musical and Hannah Montana?

Amazing! Working with Dani Markman and Jay Landers and the Disney team is an experience I’ll never forget.

What can you tell us about your TV show pilots Hard Rock Life, Hit Makers and Queen of Clubs?

We are still pitching those shows. But having shot the pilots and having them ready to go is a plus.


How did it feel having your music feature in the film Bring It On (Fight to the Finish)?

It was great and I couldn’t have done it without my former manager Joe Quranto’s help and the artists and writers that I’ve worked with as well.

You’ve worked with actors including Ross Lynch, what did this involve?

Working with a great team like Veda Burton (the Rage) and Karla Huff (Dream Talent), it was great developing him and his brothers R5. They were great to work with!

Are you able to say anything about the docu-series you’re involved with about the music business?

Not yet, but very soon.


What has it been like working on the film Next Level?

It’s been great! Working with the cast in the studio was a blast and Kristi Kaylor, the film’s producer, is a dream to work with.

Do you know if there will be a worldwide release and international premieres?

I will know very soon.

We’ve noticed you’ve been working with ‘that band Honey.’ which includes Davin and Descendants actor Booboo Stewart, how is this going and how did you first get to work with them?

I’ve known Booboo for over twelve years since the days of T-Squad and we kept in touch so when the opportunity came to work with him again, I jumped on it and we are making great music with my co-producer and engineer Miguel Palmero.

Can you tell us what other projects you’re currently working on or have coming up in the near future?

Yes. Up and coming artists like Tori K, Connor Finnerty and Gavin Magnus to name a few and TV projects I will soon disclose.

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