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Booboo Stewart’s latest project Those Who Walk Away was released last month, with Booboo playing lead character Max opposite Scarlett Sperduto as Avery. The film is in the horror genre, with Max and Avery first meeting on a social media app, and their first date ending up in a haunted house. Those Who Walk Away was co-written and directed by Robert Rippberger and was filmed during the pandemic in one continuous take. Amongst Booboo’s many acting credits, he has played Jay in Descendants, Willie in Julie and the Phantoms and Kyle in The Grizzlies. Catching up with Booboo, he tells us about his new film Those Who Walk Away, playing the role of Max and the experience working on the continuous take film.

You play Max in Those Who Walk Away, can you tell us about your character and what was he like to play?

Of course, I loved diving into Max and figuring out why he was in the position he was in. I love to journal about the character to explore and learn more about him. Max has so many layers and opening them up was really difficult but extremely rewarding.

Was there anything that drew you to the script and what was it like to read for the first time?

I mean, the fact that it was a continuous take film definitely drew me in. I really was into how the tone of the film starts in one genre and then out of nowhere you’re trapped in this new realm. My character and what he goes through, and of course Rob (Rippberger), our director, we just hit it off instantly.

Why would you recommend watching the film and who do you think it will appeal to?

I think film lovers will really get a kick out of it. I think people who want to escape the normal day to day and be immersed in another world for an hour and a half will love it. It totally takes you out of your mind and places you into the world of the film.

What was it like attending the film premiere and how has it been seeing the response to the release?

It’s been wonderful. The premiere was so fantastic, I’m truly proud of our film and to celebrate that with the cast, crew, and family was the best way to send it out into the world.

How was the experience filming Those Who Walk Away and working on it during the pandemic?

You know, it was interesting and different at first, but because we had such a small crew of people we became a little family. So it ended up being this tight-knit group that pushed through together.

Is there anything you’ve enjoyed most about playing Max and what are some of your stand-out highlights from being part of the project?

I mean, there were so many memorable moments. When you’re doing a project as unique as this there are so many challenges to get through. I can’t really choose a single highlight, but the relationship Rob and I built is a stand-out for sure.

How different was this to film than your previous work?

I haven’t done a film in this tone yet. So that was completely different. It being a continuous take film also made the process completely different for me too.

Having started acting at a young age, can you say about some of your earlier roles and about some of your favourite highlights from your career so far?

Honestly completing this movie is one of them. It truly has been one of my favourite projects I’ve ever gotten to do. Another is a film I did called The Grizzlies, these two have been such life journeys.

Where does your love of acting come from and how did you start?

I grew up on sets, my dad is an actor and stunt coordinator, so I used to hang out on sets with him all of the time. He inspired me to get into it. Also, when I saw Heath Ledger as the Joker, that set it off.

Do you have any favourite TV shows or films to watch?

I love The Adventures of Baron Munchausen, Rust and Bone, Nacho Libre, The Dreamers… I have tons. For TV, Twin Peaks is a must for me.

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