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Since releasing her debut album Space Case last year, Taylor Grey has continued writing new music and has recently released her latest single Back to Bite, with an upcoming EP due in the near future. Taylor has collaborated with The Vamps’ lead singer Brad Simpson on Fallin’ and music artist Spencer Kane on Miami, both of which were released on her album, and she has previously toured numerous times as the support act for American singer-songwriter Jacob Whitesides. Catching up with Taylor recently, she tells us about her new single Back to Bite, premiering the song at Hotel Café in Los Angeles and her upcoming EP.

You premiered your latest single Back to Bite at Hotel Café in Los Angeles, how did this go?

That was the most amazing show I’ve put on thus far. I got the best feedback I could’ve gotten which was, “That was you up there. That was just you. And it felt like a therapy session”.

Where did you get the inspiration from to write Back to Bite and how did you decide on the track title?

I spent a lot of time this past year working on myself. I wrote Back to Bite because I have been really hurt in the past, and I wanted to create a song where I could take my voice back and hopefully inspire others to do so as well. I felt like this new EP was a new era for me, a rebrand sort of. And I thought “Back to Bite” was perfect, because I’m coming back into the music world with a bite, haha.

What has the response been like so far to your new music?

It’s been really amazing. I’m really happy to see that people seem to like the song. I’ve gotten a lot of amazing responses from women telling me they related and it made them feel empowered.

Do you have a release date yet for your upcoming EP and what can listeners expect from it?

Soon! Sometime this fall!

Some songs that are pretty raw and vulnerable. I think they’re pretty cool, I hope other people do too.

Your debut album Space Case was released last year, how did this feel?

I was relieved to have music out that I didn’t write when I was 15/16. But at the same time, now Space Case feels dated to me. I get bored of myself quickly. I like creating new things!

📷 : Nikko Lamere

How would you say your music has changed since the start of your career?

I’ve gone through a lot of stages of self-discovery and each single or EP reflects that stage of my life. When I was younger, I didn’t have a strong sense of who I was, I think I have a better understanding now.

You’ve previously collaborated with Brad Simpson from The Vamps and singer Spencer Kane, how did these come about?

I asked them if they’d be willing to collaborate and I got lucky they both said yes. Obviously, the music industry is a little more complicated than that but that’s kind of the gist!

Having supported Jacob Whitesides on numerous tours, what was this like to do?

Jacob is incredibly talented and has the most supportive, amazing fans. I would say a large number of people who listen to my music found me through him and his tours so I’m forever grateful to him for that opportunity.

Are there any plans to visit the UK with your music and do you have any live performances this year?

I wish!! Not currently, but it’s a dream of mine to do a show in the UK. I just did two shows opening up for The Vamps which was incredible, but right now I’m hitting the library at Stanford. But there will be shows this year if I can help it.

Have you always enjoyed music and songwriting?

Yes! I started writing songs when I was around ten years old. I would force my friends to write songs with me when they would come over for playdates; it was my favourite thing to do.

What are your music plans for 2019?

Just to keep getting better and better at what I do. I never want to stop growing.

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