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Young triple-threat star Kirar Mercy has already won an award for Best Child Actress at a USA film festival for her lead role in short film, Drawing Hope and also opened Kidz Fashion Week with a performance in 2017. Kirar is often uploading covers to social media and has been noticed by many talents in the industry including Meghan Trainor and Delta Goodrem. Recently, Kirar spoke to us about being a young award-winning actress, opening the Kidz Fashion Week and preparing for an audition.

What encouraged you to get into acting?

I’ve always had a good imagination and would act out pretend scenes by myself at home from a very young age. When I did my first musical, when I was five, I realised how fun acting really was.


Have you always enjoyed singing?

Yes, I have. I started singing when I was fifteen months old and I haven’t stopped singing! I’m always singing and LOVE my weekly lessons at JAANZ International Singing Academy.


What music do you like listening to?

I like to listen to Rap that is easy enough for me sing to. I like R&B and Pop. I pretty much like all songs except for the ones that have swearing in them. If it does have swearing and I like it then I listen to a clean version of it.


As an actor, singer and dancer, would you like to star in a musical?

Yes! That is definitely one of my dreams – to star in a Professional Musical Production. I have been in two local musicals though. I played the role of Tam in the Orpheous Production when I was only five years old and last month I played the role of Kylie in Strictly Ballroom the Musical.


What was it like opening the fashion show at Kidz Fashion Week 2017?

It was a bit scary, but when it was finished I felt good because I just opened up a big show! It was so much fun!


Do you have any plans to release music?

No, not at this stage. I’m still really young. I’ll be going into a recording studio though in the next few weeks to record some covers so that will be exciting.


How do you decide what songs to cover?

Well, in the car whenever we are going somewhere I put on music from YouTube and usually find a new song. Then I look at the lyrics on Google to make sure it is an appropriate song. If it is, I try it out and when I know the song I let my mum hear it and if she thinks it is a song that suits my voice then we cover it but if she says, “maybe not”, then I try to find a new song!


What can you remember from your first acting experience?

I can remember that I was really nervous but I had a lot of fun. I was not that good at it either like I am now. I have got so much better at it thanks to a lot of workshops and classes I have done. Also, my private sessions with my Acting Coach, Kristina Sexton from On Set Coaching, has helped me heaps. Thanks to her I am now auditioning for HUGE Movie & TV Series roles internationally.


How do you get ready for an audition?

I start off with learning the script. It usually doesn’t take me long. When I know my lines, I practice it with my mum. I close my eyes and picture the script in my head and I can see the lines. Once I’ve memorised it, I practice it over and over up until my audition. Once I get to my audition I’m usually a little nervous but once I go in I’m totally fine. I just take deep breaths and Mum is always there to reassure me that I’ll be ok!


Can you tell us who Isabelle is in Rock Sugar?

Isabelle is the little sister of the main character, Charlotte, who is the one that gets bullied by the school bully, Brenda. Isabelle is a six-year-old girl that has a lot of passion and a great big, loving heart.


How was it winning Best Child Actress for your lead role in Drawing Hope?

Well, it’s probably one of the happiest and the proudest I have ever been of myself since I started acting. I felt honoured that I was gifted that award.


How was your experience on the TV shows that you appeared on and would you like to do more?

I would love to do more and the experience was so much fun! I love being in front of the camera working with other cast members and the crew.


Do you have a favourite film that you like to watch over again?

Yes – it would have to be The Parent Trap and Matilda.


Do you have any performing roles coming up?

Not really. I’ve auditioned for a few big roles in the US and have had two callbacks but haven’t heard back yet. Still have my fingers crossed! I do have my Dance Exams, end of year Dance Concert and an eight-week Pilot Season Workshop coming up so that will keep me busy.


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  1. Always such a polite, delightfully happy, and level-headed girl, Kirar. Congratulations on your many accomplishments already, and a hearty encouragement for you to achieve all that you set your mind to in the creative arts Kirar. God bless you and your family as you move forward towards reaching your goals. Peace out 🙏 Auski Heth🤗

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