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Guest-starring in many TV shows including Casualty and Call the Midwife, Reece Pockney has also had experience in theatre working on popular productions such as the UK tour of Priscilla Queen of the Desert. Reece also has regular voiceover work which has seen him voice the lead role of Monty in Kazoops! on CBeebies, and more recently as Trevor in the Netflix series Hilda. Chatting to the young actor, Reece tells us about filming for Call the Midwife, how different he finds screen acting to voiceover roles and playing Monty in Kazoops!

How did you get into acting and voiceover?

I always loved entertaining people as a young child so my mum entered me into a competition to become the face of Next and a contract with a Model Agency. I was happy to make the final and got to spend a day at Woburn Abbey Safari Park, I ended up winning and started off with modelling and adverts and then decided I preferred acting more so moved to an acting agent.

Had you always had an interest in both careers?

Initially I started off with acting and didn’t really know much about Voiceovers, but as time has gone on I love them both equally.

For your role in For Love or Money, how long were you on set for and is there anything you can tell us about your character Young Mark?

I am not sure if I am able to say as the film hasn’t been released yet – sorry!

What was the experience like on the film?

Really good fun. I met some great people.

Have you seen the completed production yet?

Not yet, I am not sure I will be allowed though as it’s a ’15’ I think?

📷 : Lisa Visser

What is it like doing voiceover roles such as Monty in ‘Kazoops!’?

It’s just brilliant, I loved being Monty, people even said I looked like him, haha! It took over a year to record the seventy-eight episodes and I became really close to the team, and was sad when it was all over. I love the fact there is a soft toy of Monty out there too.

How was the auditioning process for this role?

It was really long and went on for a while with lots of callbacks and voice tests! It was down to me and one other and the decision had to go through lots of people in the UK and Australia! It was a tense time waiting and I was so thrilled to get the role.

How long were you filming your episode for Call the Midwife?

Filming was two weeks.

How were you involved in the storyline?

I was the son of a young mum who had her baby daughter taken away, I was very close to her and there were some really sad scenes as I had always wanted a sister.

Where did you record your role of Edward in The Great War, and did you find you learnt things about history along the way?

I recorded this in London, and yes, I did learn lots of stuff, The Great War was also my school topic at the time so it came at a perfect time.

What part did you play in Priscilla Queen of the Desert and was it a fun production?

I played Benji, it really was so much fun to do. Although the Chaperone kept me in my dressing room doing homework when I wasn’t on stage as it wasn’t age appropriate. One night a gas canister exploded on stage and the show had to stop and an understudy had to come on for one of the leads. I remember it being quite nerve-racking as I was in the wings waiting to come on!

📷 : Lisa Visser

Who is Trevor in Hilda?

Trevor is a bit of a bully in Hilda.

What can you remember from your time on The White Queen as Henry Tudor?

I remember the costumes and my hair being curled! And the lovely chocolates in Belgium where it filmed. I loved meeting the horses who were in Merlin, as I loved that series at the time.

Do you know if there is any way to watch the TV movie Zombies Next Door, where you played Tom Briar?

Mmm! Not sure, I have a DVD of it though.

How different do you find voiceover and radio to acting on screen and stage?

With voiceovers, you don’t need to learn the script, but you have to be really quick thinking and be able to sight-read and provide various different types of delivery of lines and sound effects, it’s quite fast-paced.

Are there any roles you are filming later this year that you’re able to talk about?

Not at the moment, but watch this space 😊.

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