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Musician Ollie Wade has recently released his single Carry On having taken time out to concentrate on writing new material. The 23 year old from Winchester started his music career by posting covers on YouTube before releasing a number of original tracks. Ollie is currently preparing for his full band headline show on 28th April at The Railway Inn, Winchester. Chatting to us, Ollie talks about his music comeback, Pizza Express Live and performing in front of Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge.

What can you tell us about your single Carry On?

After the release of my EP Falling in 2016, I wanted to take a creative break to do a lot more writing, co-writing and working towards building a more unique and mature sound. Carry On was the product of that time off and I felt really happy and confident with the new indie sound and heavier instrumentation. The song is about a lack of self belief and confidence in pursuing a career in the music industry, but in the end sticking to it and carrying on as it’s all that I want to do and you have to try everything to make it happen. I thought it was a good message for my comeback single.

What has the reaction been to your new music?

It’s been great! It’s definitely resonated with an older audience and people closer to my age which is what I wanted. I’m twenty-three now and I wanted my music to reflect my current life and personality. People love the rockier elements of the song and the production as well.

Where did you film your music video and how long did it take?

I filmed my music video in a brilliant small independent music venue called The Railway Inn in my hometown of Winchester. The other shots are also taken in the fields by my house in Winchester. It took about seven hours all together which wasn’t too bad at all.

Do you have new music being released soon?

I do intend to release frequent content this year. I have a load of songs ready to go out into the world and I think the next single will hopefully be out around the end of April/May!

Have you always known you wanted to be a musician?

No, is the honest answer. I discovered my love for writing and performing music quite late, I’d say around the age of sixteen to eighteen. But it wasn’t until my twenties that I really started to take it seriously. It all started when I landed the lead role in my school musical as Link Larkin in Hairspray that I discovered that I could sing (kind of) and I wrote my first song, Free for my brother Ben when he passed away when I was seventeen. This song was officially released and I managed to raise over £2000 for the hospice Naomi House whilst also having the privilege of singing to The Duchess, Kate Middleton.

What was it like performing in front of Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge?

It was ridiculously nerve-racking and I was literally shaking beforehand, but the performance went really well and I got the pleasure to speak to her afterwards, she truly is such a lovely and genuine person. It was a huge honour and great legacy to my brother!

What’s been the best thing about your music career so far?

The best thing has always been my headline shows that I have put on. I always get such a high from playing my own songs in busy venues to people that have specially come down to support me. It’s an amazing feeling for sure and it makes me feel proud of my accomplishments. Although hearing my song on the radio for the first time was a very emotional moment for me, I remember I had to pull over in my car haha.

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What’s been your favourite venue to play?

My favourite venue would have to have been The Borderline, that venue was amazing.

Apart from guitar, can you play any other instruments?

I can play piano to a decent standard, although I am a bit rusty haha! I really want to learn the drums though so that’s next on my list!

Do you have any plans for a UK tour?

I want to do a big old UK tour in 2019 when I have more music out and my following has increased hopefully. I’d love to hit parts of the country I haven’t been to in a while like Manchester and Liverpool!

What can people expect from your live performances?

A lot of fun, something different every time and a personal and unique experience. I try to convince everyone that sees me live to want to come back again.

How would you describe your music in three words?

Unique. Emotive. Captivating.

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Who would you most like to collaborate with, dead or alive?

Good question. I would honestly love to write a tune with Jack Johnson on the beach in Hawaii, I just think that would be so cool and I grew up with his music so it’s very important to me and he is definitely a big influence in my songwriting. Although currently I would also love to write a song with James Bay, he’s awesome and I think we could write some magic together.

What music did you grow up listening to, and do you still listen to the same music?

I have a rather random and diverse collection of music I grew up listening too. As I said above, I loved listening to Jack Johnson, but my favourite band of all time would have to be Red Hot Chilli Peppers. I think I’ve listened to the album Stadium Arcadium a thousand times, not to mention the rest! I also had a stage where I loved Guns N’ Roses haha and I wanted to be a rockstar. A few other artists that I used to/still do love would include James Morrison, Jamie Cullum, Keane and Coldplay.

How did Pizza Express Live go and will you be doing any more?

That was such a fun night! It was great to get to play a new set with my fantastic band and the venue was gorgeous and luckily very busy on the evening – I would love to do more of those nights for sure.

What are your music plans for the rest of the year?

Release more music, gig more, practice and improve and make a name for myself in the music industry.

See Ollie at his upcoming full band headline show on the 28th April at The Railway Inn in Winchester. Early bird tickets available for £7. 18+ only.

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