Allie Sherlock


Rising star Allie Sherlock is already a recognised name in Ireland where you can find her regularly busking. Now after appearing on shows in America and London, the twelve-year-old is quickly making waves in the worldwide music scene. Being noticed by OneRepublic’s Ryan Tedder, the young singer has now signed up to work with him. We talked to Allie about her growing popularity, her TV appearances and working with Ryan.

What age did you start music and busking?

I started playing music three years ago and I started busking one and a half years ago.

Where can people see you busk?

People in Cork and Dublin can see me busk.


Has there been any audience reactions which stand out whilst you’ve been busking?

One reaction that really stood out to me when I was busking was when a few people started crying because of some emotion in my voice. Also, a just-married couple started dancing in front of me for a whole song which I thought was so cute.

What was it like appearing on The Ellen Show?

It was so cool on The Ellen Show, she was super nice.


What were your friends’ reactions to appearing on the show?

All my friends were so shocked when I told them because I couldn’t tell them I was doing it so when I showed the clip to them, they were amazed.

How different was it appearing on This Morning to The Ellen Show?

This Morning and The Ellen Show were very different because The Ellen Show rehearsed everything and This Morning didn’t.

Did you have chance to busk in London while over for This Morning?

We didn’t bring the busking gear over to London because we did busking in London before and we didn’t like it.


Did you notice an increase in your YouTube/social media subscribers since appearing on American and UK TV?

Yes, there were 55,000 extra followers on Instagram.

What’s it like having the new-found worldwide popularity through appearing on the shows?

It was amazing going on all those shows and then coming home and watching it was so cool.

What’s Ryan Tedder like to work with?

Working with Ryan is amazing. He is so nice and easy to get on with.


Did you know Charlie Puth was going to be at Ryan’s house or was it a complete surprise?

I wasn’t expecting Charlie there at all, it was a complete surprise.

What’s been your favourite cover to perform?

My favourite song is What About Us by P!nk.

Are you interested in recording any collaborations?

I haven’t really thought of it. We did think of collabing with Ryan Tedder when we are over in LA again.


Who do you admire in the music world?

My favourite singers are Adele and Ed Sheeran.

Have you already started working on an album?

I already have two albums with covers but we are doing another album with Ryan Tedder.


Will you be doing any live shows?

I don’t think there are any more live shows.

How would you say your life has changed in the past year?

My life has changed immensely this last year, it’s indescribable.


What can your fans expect from your music career in 2018?

I will be performing with well-known singers and we’ll continue busking.

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