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Having recently released their latest EP, Watch Out World, four-piece band Single By Sunday are set to head out on tour with Ryan Lawrie next month. The band were announced as Scotland’s Best Unsigned Band by Capital FM and their online following and popularity is ever-growing. We spoke to them about life on tour, their trademark hair colours and their new EP.

Did you know each other before forming the band?

Josh – No, we didn’t. Jonny and myself went to the same school but we didn’t meet Jack and George till later.

For those that haven’t heard your songs, how would you describe your music?

Jonny – Catchy hooks mixed with guitar riffs.

Jack – There’s also a bit of synth in there as well.

Do you write all your own songs and music, how do you come up with the ideas of what to write about?

George – Jonny is the main songwriter in the band and then Josh.

Jonny – Ideas for songs come from almost everywhere and anywhere. I think I particularly like the ideas that are based on real experiences. If you can write about what you know then I think it becomes more personal and people can relate more.

Any plans for an album release?

Jack – There’s that question again. We keep being asked when we’re going to put out an album.

Jonny – Well, we’ve certainly got enough material.

Josh – I think we could probably put out about three albums at the moment.

George – No; we are not ready to put out an album yet.

Can you tell us about your Single By Sunday Show on YouTube and is this something you will continue with?

Jonny – The SBS TV show, it’s just one of our little side projects. Yes, we intend to do more and hopefully keep it going.

Josh – It’s a bit of fun that allows our fans and the public to see a bit more of S.B.S.

Do you have plans for a headline tour?

Josh – Yes, we’re working on that one at the moment but it takes a lot of planning, as you can imagine, but yes it’s definitely on the cards.

How do you decide what songs to put on your setlist?

Jonny – The setlists tend to be based on the type of show and whether we’re working on new ideas. What I mean is, we might fancy doing one of the older songs but with a slightly new twist. On the other hand, we might have new song ideas that we want to try out, this means that one of the songs from the last setlist gets dropped.

What’s life like on tour, do you miss home comforts?

George – Life on tour is fun, most of the time.

Jack – I miss my bed the most.

Josh – Yeah sleeping in the tour bus is ok but after a while, you start missing a proper bed.

Jonny – It’s also a lot of fun though. You get to jump around on stage with your mates and then you get to chill out and wind down with them, before listening to them all snoring.

What’s it like filming music videos?

Jonny – Shooting music videos are fun, you’re basically trying to tell your story inside three or four minutes.

Jack – I think if you do your planning correctly and it all goes according to plan then the repetitiveness of doing the same scene over and over again tends not to be so bad.

How great was it being named Scotland’s Best Unsigned Band by Capital FM?

Josh – It’s fantastic.

Jack – Any accolade is good and especially if or when it comes from people in the industry.

George – It felt good, to be honest, it still feels good.

Who have been the best artists you have seen live?

Jonny – Marmozets.

Josh – Ed Sheeran.

Jack – System Of A Down.

George – Justin Bieber, yes I’ve put it out there, there’s nothing wrong with being a Belieber!

Who would you most like to go on tour with?

George – The Vamps.

Jonny/Josh – Neck Deep.

Jack – System Of A Down.

Jonny – Morrissey or Sting, but it’s never gonna happen.

How does it feel having such a huge following in the short time you’ve been a band?

Josh – Well it’s cool obviously but it hasn’t happened overnight.

Jonny – We’ve had to work hard to get those numbers but we’re so grateful. It’s also why we appreciate all of our fans the way that we do.

Do you feel your hair colours are now a trademark image?

Josh – Kind of and especially for something that’s so basic but people are certainly getting used to seeing the image.

How did you decide who would have which colour?

Jack – We all just picked a colour, originally I was going to have red but Josh got there before me.

Where can people find you performing this year?

Josh – We are all over the place.

Jonny – Except Glasgow.

Josh – The best thing to do is to go to our website and have a look under the ‘Live’ tab, all of the dates are listed there. At the moment our next Glasgow gig is the big one back at the O2 ABC, Glasgow, main stage on 6th January.

What can you tell us about your recently released EP, Watch Out World and how can people get hold of your music?

Jonny – The Watch Out World EP is available for download from iTunes/Apple Music. Alternatively, you can order a physical copy from our website. Basically, it’s a four track EP which features some great songs, (if I do say so myself… haha). You can also buy tickets for the O2 ABC gig as well.

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