Ask Jonesy & Company – Stings

At the start of last month, Ask Jonesy & Company broke out onto the music scene with their debut single, Burning Fire. Hailing from Los Angeles, the trio have been making waves around the world with their upbeat track and accompanying feel-good music video. The band are now back with a second single, Stings which has a different, new sound to Burning Fire, with mellow guitar riffs and strong vocals.

Throughout the track, we can hear Ask Jonesy & Company have gone for a slower style song which portrays their powerful vocals and great music perfectly. Stings is an interesting and exciting release and something to go on repeat for the next few months. It is the type of track which can be listened to any time, any place and any mood.

Ask Jonesy & Company as artists are rocky and are known for their rhythmic sound. This release is far from disappointing and really shows their unique style. Stings is a perfect follow-up single to their debut and showcases the band’s incredible talent.

Don’t miss hearing Stings performed live at Ask Jonesy & Company’s debut live show on August 4th in Los Angeles!





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