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The Britain’s Got Talent judges were amazed when Beau Dermott auditioned for the show last year with her rendition of Defying Gravity from Wicked. Now, just a year later, thirteen-year-old Beau is back with her debut album, Brave, which is set to be released through Decca Records on 1st September. We catch up with her to discuss her album, signing with Decca and performing for the Queen.

Your debut album, Brave, is to be released in September, how did you decide which songs to put on it and how long has it taken to produce?

There were some songs that we knew had to be on the album such as Defying Gravity and Someone Like You, and some we picked out and then tried to see if we liked them or not! Some songs really surprised us, like Tears In Heaven, Fight Song and Wings, these aren’t songs I’d usually sing but I really love singing them now!

There is an original song on your album called Brave, did you write this track?

No, it was written by Dan and Laura Curtis who asked me whether I would like to sing it on my album and I instantly loved it and had a connection with it due to my dad having cancer. He had to have courage and this song is about courage and being brave. This album has really helped my dad, me and my whole family and I can’t wait to share it with people.

Do you plan to tour with this album?

I really hope I can as that would be a really amazing experience!

You opened Dame Vera Lynn’s 100th Birthday Celebration Concert at the London Palladium, how did you feel doing the show and what was it like knowing the Queen was there?

It was absolutely brilliant opening Dame Vera Lynn’s 100th Birthday Celebration Concert and it was such a big honour! I am so blessed to have opened a birthday celebration for the most iconic singer in history! I didn’t know that the Queen was at the celebration until I came off stage! It was getting near the end of the song that I was performing (Glad Rag-Doll), and I looked to the corner of my eye and saw a blue figure and thought to myself “that looks like the Queen” and then I came off stage and one of the crew told me that the Queen was there! I mean, wow.

After your performance at the Palladium, you signed a record deal with Decca Records, how exciting was this?

It is so, so exciting! I never ever thought that I’d get all the opportunities that I am getting and being signed by Decca is the biggest opportunity and I am very grateful.

Your voice is insured for £1million, does this make you more conscious of what you can and can’t do?

I have always looked after my voice since I have been singing and I always will because it is very important to me because I love singing and want to sound as good as I can!

What was your experience like on Britain’s Got Talent?

Britain’s Got Talent was amazing! We couldn’t thank everyone enough for their kindness who worked on the show and also the contestants! It was very nerve-racking but it was also very exciting! I loved being a part of a show that I have been watching since I was little and I feel very blessed to have met so many lovely people and I feel so privileged to have performed on it!

How did you feel receiving Amanda Holden’s Golden Buzzer at your audition, and do you still get chance to see her?

It felt absolutely incredible. I didn’t ever expect that I would get a Golden Buzzer and I am so grateful that Amanda believed in me. I went to watch Amanda in Stepping Out which was fantastic.

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Do you keep in contact with any of your fellow finalists?

Wayne Woodward performed at my concert in April for Clatterbridge, Mane Chance Sanctuary and The Donna Louise Trust, but other than that, no, I have not kept in contact with any of the other finalists.

How did your friends react to your time on the show?

My friends were very supportive and excited but I am glad they don’t treat me any differently!

You’ve done so much in the year since Britain’s Got Talent, what do you hope to have achieved by 2020?

I have had a fantastic time so far and I am so honoured to have had the opportunities that I have had and I would love to carry on performing and making more albums and being in musicals!

Do you have any favourite music artists to listen to?

I love listening to Idina Menzel, Adele, Lea Salonga and Emma Hatton.

You enjoy performing musical theatre songs, is there any other genre of music you like to sing?

I love singing all genres, I love adapting my voice to different types of songs but my favourite to sing is musical theatre!

Would you like to perform in a West End show?

Yes, definitely! I would love to play the role of Elphaba in Wicked as that is my absolute dream role! I would also like to be in Les Misérables and many more as I love musical theatre!

You are organising a charity concert on 12th October in aid of Cancer Research UK at the Liverpool Philharmonic Hall, can you tell us more about this and how have you found organising it?

Yes, the concert is in aid of Cancer Research UK. I wanted to do it because of my dad who got diagnosed with cancer just before the live semi-finals of Britain’s Got Talent. It was a tough time for not only my dad but also for us. Seeing somebody you love go through cancer and the treatment is tough and we are organising this concert to let people know they are not alone and to raise money for the charity. If you have cancer or if you know a loved one who has been diagnosed or you just want to show your support, everybody is welcome as I want to cheer everybody up!

Apart from the charity concert, do you have any other shows coming up in the next year?

I am performing at Lytham Festival on the 6th August along with Lea Salonga, Collabro and others, and other performances are getting discussed at the moment!

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