Giovanna Fletcher – Happy Mum, Happy Baby

When picking up this book, there were no expectations or any idea as to what to expect, except the fact that Giovanna Fletcher’s previous books had been fantastic. However, Happy Mum, Happy Baby is a completely different book about Giovanna’s experience with motherhood, and by not being in this situation gave very mixed feelings about starting this book. Though, being a huge fan of Giovanna, decided it was a must to give this a go and it definitely did not give disappointment. You must not let not being a mother hold you back from reading, this is a 5 out of 5 star read and gave off amazing imagery along with the hilarious stories explained by Giovanna.

Happy Mum, Happy Baby is the first non-fiction book by author and vlogger, Giovanna Fletcher. It gives an inside look on her family life with the arrival of her two sons Buzz and Buddy. Packed with many stories of what it was like going on tour with a young child, and what happened when going on a plane, this book is bound to leave you a mix of beaming, laughing and sympathetic.

With fairly short chapters, it is easy to pick the book up whenever. Each scenario spoken about was enjoyable to read and many were either quite amusing imagining the antics occurring, or made you sympathise with the situation. Throughout the book, there is a couple of sections with a few family photographs to really see into the Fletcher family life and to make you fall in love with their family.

Happy Mum, Happy Baby gives off everything. Giovanna explains everything in great detail and does not hold back, even when inside you’re thinking NO! STOP! TOO MUCH INFORMATION! Nothing is too much information in this book and the entire read feels just like meeting up with an old friend in a coffee shop.

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