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After a long and exciting experience on BBC talent series Let It Shine with his band Iron Sun, Harry Fabulous Brown is now busy preparing for his role as understudy for The Band. He will be joining Five To Five on tour where he could be pulled up on stage at any time. In a break from his busy rehearsal schedule he sits down to talk about Let It Shine, what it’s like to have the role as understudy, and what he would have been doing if he hadn’t applied for the show.

What was the audition process for Let It Shine like?

The audition process was a completely new experience for me at the time as I’d not done anything like it before. Performing in front of the judges and in front of cameras for the first time was surreal to me. And the starway system was incredibly nervy, despite its brilliant effect on TV.

Was the show how you expected it to be?

It was more than I ever expected, everyone worked so hard on the show from the Production Team to the Creative Team to the Contestants! It all paid off as it turned out to be a brilliant show, and I loved every minute I spent on it.

What were the judges like and were you an original fan of Take That?

The judges were really nice, genuine people, and Graham (Norton) and Mel (Giedroyc) were so cool too, they were so down to earth and just hilarious!

Have you always wanted to be a singer and when did you realise you enjoyed singing?

I started to sing properly around the age of thirteen but had always been involved in small theatre productions from the age of seven.

Have you always been a musical theatre fan?

I have always had an interest in Musical Theatre, but I became more involved with it when I joined Birmingham Ormiston Academy in 2013. It focuses on Performing Arts, and when I first joined to study Musical Theatre, I realised how much I love it.

Do you have a favourite theatre show?

My favourite musical is Catch Me If You Can, it’s not in the West End but I hope that it will be soon because I love it! I recently watched The Girls in London though, and it was absolutely brilliant!

Have you been in a band before or was Let It Shine your first time?

Iron Sun is the first band I have ever been a part of, it was great to work with such amazing artists, and I learned so much from them.

What’s it like being an understudy for Five To Five in The Band? Does it make rehearsals easier or harder knowing you’re not doing all performances?

The boys welcomed me in straight away and made me feel comfortable as part of the group. They’re so easy to get on with, and rehearsals are great! Rehearsals are hard work because I know that I have to know the parts inside out as I could be called on at any time.

Are you nervous or excited for the tour, knowing you could be pulled up at the last minute?

A bit of both, it’s a bit scary not knowing when I’m going to be on stage because I have to be completely prepared at all times, which is also quite exciting.

What was it like being put in Iron Sun with all new people?

It was great, and we all got along so well, it felt like we’d know each other for years.

How did you find living with people you didn’t know, did you all settle in quickly?

It was really cool living with the guys, we would all play FIFA and eat meals together, and we bonded really well because of it. Living together built our chemistry as a band and helped us in rehearsals and on stage because of how well we got on.

Are you still in contact with any of your fellow band members?

We are all still in contact, and they’re really supportive about my understudy role, which is nice. It’s also great to hear how they’re all progressing in their music or theatre careers.

Are they coming to see The Band?

I would think so, it’d be cool to see them at stage door, I’m sure they’d love the show!

A lot of people claim you look like Nathan Sykes. Do you agree?

I got that a lot since being on Let It Shine, it’s funny because I only got it a couple of times beforehand, but since being on the show, it was crazy the amount of reactions. I personally don’t see it, but it’s a nice compliment, I must say!

What was it like meeting Tom Parker? Did he mention your resemblance?

He was a great guy and so nice and supportive, he didn’t actually say anything about me looking like Nathan.

How much has your life changed since auditioning?

It’s changed quite a lot actually, a year ago I never would’ve thought I’d be in this position. It was an amazing opportunity and an experience that I’m so grateful for.

What would have been your plans for this year if you hadn’t made understudy?

I was planning to audition for Vocational Schools to study a Degree in Musical Theatre. But I was thrilled to find out that I was an understudy!

What are your plans for after the tour? Do you want to go into being a recording artist or into musical theatre?

After the tour, I will look to see what my options could be, depending on whether I get offered anything. I would love to pursue careers in either Music or Musical Theatre, I’ll just have to see which options are available at the time; hopefully it will be something exciting!

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