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For Noah Leacock’s first character role, he played Tyrone in the new adaptation of Jacqueline Wilson’s book My Mum Tracy Beaker which was released earlier this month, with the show becoming the most successful programme launch for CBBC. Prior to his character in My Mum Tracy Beaker, Noah filmed for an episode of Coronation Street as well as filming a Haven Holidays commercial alongside Tom Daley and appearing in Delain’s music video for Burning Bridges. Alongside acting, Noah also works in modelling having done a number of jobs for Regatta. Noah talked to us about playing Tyrone in My Mum Tracy Beaker, filming an episode of Coronation Street and working on the commercial for Haven Holidays.

Can you tell us how you felt booking your role of Tyrone in the new TV series My Mum Tracy Beaker and what was it like reading the script for the first time?

Sandra, my agent, rang me to tell me the news that I’d got the role of Tyrone, and I was really excited, happy and very thankful! I was very excited to read through the script and meet the whole cast over Zoom.

How much did you know about Tracy Beaker before you started filming and preparing for the role?

I didn’t know much about Tracy Beaker, but once I found out I’d got the role, I watched a couple of episodes of the first series with my mum.

What did you enjoy most about being in the cast and playing Tyrone?

I loved working with Emma Maggie Davies (Jess), Dani Harmer (Tracy) and Jordan Duvigneau (Sean).

How did you find the experience working on a CBBC show?

I had the best time filming My Mum Tracy Beaker, and wished it went on for longer. The CBBC crew were very supportive and helpful.

What do you feel you learnt from your time filming your first character role?

I feel like I have grown as an actor and can see ways to improve in the future.

What was it like watching the series on TV?

It was a bit weird seeing myself on TV, but fantastic to see the finished product.

How was it seeing the response from Tracy Beaker fans to the new series and what did your family and friends say when finding out you were part of My Mum Tracy Beaker?

The response has been amazing. My friends and family were so happy to hear the news and couldn’t wait to watch it.

📷 : BBC

Can you say about filming your episode of Coronation Street?

Coronation Street was the first filming I’d ever done. Even though it was a small part, I had lots of fun filming it and met some lovely people.

You filmed the Haven Holidays TV advert alongside Tom Daley, what was this like?

That was the most relaxing filming experience ever! I got to spend three days sitting in the restaurant, playing around in the pool, climbing up a climbing wall numerous times, and checking out the rock pools!

You’ve previously worked on Delain’s Burning Bridges music video, how was this?

This was exciting as it involved real fire! I had to wear a gas mask, which was rubber, and ripped out bits of my hair!

Have you always enjoyed acting and how did you start?

When I was younger, my mum used to tell me I’d be a fantastic actor, but I never thought I wanted to be. My mum registered me and my brothers with JZee Leeming Casting agency, after being recommended by a neighbour, and I started getting self-tape requests. As soon as I did the filming for Coronation Street, I knew I definitely wanted to do more acting.

What’s your favourite aspect of modelling and can you tell us about your modelling work?

I have done lots of modelling for Regatta. I love trying on a variety of clothes, meeting new people and going to different locations.

What TV shows and films do you enjoy watching and do you have any favourite actors?

I love comedy and action movies, and my favourite actors are Kevin Hart, Will Smith, Dwayne Johnson, Jason Statham, and Matt Damon.

What do you like doing away from your career?

I enjoy DIY, watching films, going on bike rides, playing Fortnite, and photography. I also love going to trampoline parks.

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