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For her ongoing voiceover roles, Charlie Townsend plays Mia and other animals in Disney Junior’s T.O.T.S. and Rozzie Bear in Muppet Babies, both of which she has recently been recording from home during the pandemic. Charlie’s acting roles have included playing Katelyn Hart in L.A.’s Finest, filming an episode of Marvel Runaways, as well as appearing in TV movie Killer Single Dad and she will soon be seen as Seth MacFarlane’s daughter in The Orville. As well as appearing in TV shows and films, Charlie has worked on a number of commercials and modelling jobs including Target. We talked to Charlie about voicing Mia in T.O.T.S., recording Muppet Babies and working on commercials.

Can you tell us about voicing your roles in the Disney series T.O.T.S.?

I absolutely love being Mia on T.O.T.S., I also do quite a few of the other baby animals on the show. I am so lucky to be a part of it! And it is so fun to do baby voices.

What is the show like to work on and do you have any favourite memories from your time recording so far?

Before quarantine I loved going into the studio and recording, sometimes some of my friends that play the other characters would be there too. The first time I got to see my character Mia on the screen, all coloured in, I was so happy. Everyone there is so nice, I love them all.

You voice the role of Rozzie Bear in Muppet Babies, what is this like to do?

Doing the voice of Rozzie Bear is pretty cool because all the other actors are there at the same time, we all go in the booth together to record. I was the only kid. It is so funny to hear all these different voices at one time.

What did you enjoy most about playing Floppy in Blaze and the Monster Machines?

Playing Floppy was great because I had not worked at the Nickelodeon studio yet, so that was really cool, and my brother loves that show so he was so excited to see it when it came out.

You’ve filmed as Seth MacFarlane’s daughter Anaya for the TV series The Orville, can you tell us more about this?

This was my favourite acting job yet I think, I can’t tell you too much yet because it hasn’t been released, but the makeup was amazing.

What was it like on set of L.A.’s Finest for your role of Katelyn Hart?

I did a couple of episodes of L.A.’s Finest, both times we filmed on location. The first time we were at a house, it is so cool to see them take over this whole house with cameras and lights, and I loved playing Rebecca Budig’s daughter, she was so nice to me.

You’ve had a number of other roles including as Leslie in Marvel Runaways and as Garrett’s daughter in Killer Single Dad, can you say more about them?

Ok, so for Marvel Runaways it was a night shoot, I didn’t come to set until like 6:00pm, and we didn’t start filming my scene until after 10:00pm. It was a really great set, but it was pretty cold outside and I almost fell asleep waiting. The costumes were so pretty.

On Killer Single Dad I played a ghost, but I didn’t really know it. I played Cameron Jebo’s daughter, he plays a bad guy in the movie, but he was so nice in real life. There were a lot of scenes that they would have me stay in my dressing room for because they were scary or grown up scenes, then have me come out after it was cleaned up. It was a great shoot, I made a friend who played my brother, so between scenes we could play. It was filmed by Valentine’s Day, so one of the days we handed out Valentine’s and had a cake.

We understand you’ve filmed commercials, what are these like to do?

I have done a few commercials, they are fun and pretty quick, usually just one day. But I did one for a car company and we filmed a couple of days. I had a brother and sister in the commercial, we had so much fun together. It was supposed to be Christmas time, so they covered the entire street and houses with snow, it was amazing. After we were done filming they let us have a snowball fight and make snow angels. That was my favourite one.

You have modelled for a number of projects including Target Stores and Lifetime Fitness, what do you enjoy most about this?

I did a commercial for Target and got to be on a box for a great toy, it was a huge unicorn. It was pretty cool to see my face on the box in the store.

LA Fitness was a fun day too, the scenes were all like a party, we had a bounce house, ate cupcakes, played in the kid area, and then sprinklers. It didn’t feel like working at all!

Had you always wanted an acting and voiceover career and how did you start?

I always wanted to be an actor and dancer and maybe a singer too. I didn’t know very much about voiceover work until I auditioned, and now I love it, it’s really cool to be on a cartoon, and have toys made of your character!

When you aren’t acting or doing voiceover work, what do you like to do?

I really love dancing, but since quarantine I have only been able to do that on Zoom. I love to do special effects makeup, play with my cats, draw, listen to music, ride my hoverboard and play with my little brother.

Do you have any favourite TV shows to watch?

I love Bunk’d, Raven’s Home, Sydney to the Max, SpongeBob and, of course, I love T.O.T.S. and Muppet Babies.

How have you been keeping busy during the pandemic?

I have been recording T.O.T.S. and Muppet Babies from home. We have a closet set up like a recording booth, with the mic and computer in there. I go on Zoom with the director and producer and we record there. I can’t wait until we can go back into the studio, I miss everyone so much.

What are you hoping 2021 brings for your career?

Well, I really hope I can book a fun job that I get to travel for, but I will be grateful for anything!

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