Kaylin Hayman

With Disney’s TV series Just Roll With It starting last year, Kaylin Hayman can be seen as one of the lead roles of Blair and the show is filmed in front of a live studio audience, with some parts being improvised. Starting her career in commercial and print advertising, Kaylin has since gone on to film for shows such as The Mick and One Day at a Time, and with her role in Disney’s Just Roll With It, has also attended events including Disney Quizney and film premieres. Kaylin has been a member of the Girl Scouts for the last eight years, and has theatre experience with Performing Theatre Young Artists. Chatting with Kaylin, we found out about being cast in Just Roll With It as lead character Blair, improvising on set for the first time and starting her acting career.

What do you enjoy most about playing Blair in Just Roll With It?

What I enjoy most about playing Blair is how adventurous and fun she is. She is never afraid of a challenge, or whatever is thrown at her.

How would you describe the character?

I would describe Blair as a strong-willed and sassy girl who loves messing with her brother, who she adores. She’s not exactly a rulebreaker but she likes to push the limits.

Do you remember how you felt on your first day on set and getting to improvise for the first time?

Yes, I was very nervous. It was my first real job and first time improvising. The cast and I had great chemistry when we first met. We were always hyping each other up and helping one another. But, improvising for the first time was difficult because it was like learning a new subject. After a while, it was very natural and fun to do. I had a lot of fun getting to know Blair and her family during the first couple of days.

How is it working with your on-screen family?

Working with Tobie (Windham), Suzi (Barrett) and Ramon (Reed) is very natural. We are very close and talk a lot off the show. When we had our chemistry read audition, everything flowed nicely and wasn’t awkward.

What is it like filming in front of a studio audience?

Filming in front of a live studio audience can be nerve-racking sometimes but I got used to it quickly. The audience gives off energy to us, and we them. It’s also nice to have instant reactions to our script and to bring smiles to people’s faces. Without them, the show would be very different.

How did you prepare for starting work on the show?

Before the show starts, the cast and I play games and improvise scenes with each other before we go on stage. But leading up to the live show, it takes a whole week to get ready. Monday through Wednesday, we rehearse and make changes to the script. Thursday, we film without the live audience, for backup footage. Then Friday, we film the entire show with the audience and stunts. We never rehearse or know about the stunts over the entire week, they are always a surprise.

How are you finding the experience working with Disney and can you say about other projects you’ve been involved in with them?

Working with Disney is a dream come true. It is a great learning environment and you can always have a laugh with everyone. Other projects with Disney, including Disney Quizney, were a lot of fun to film because I got to be a host, which was something new and different to me. I also got to use a teleprompter for the first time.

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You’ve filmed for episodes of The Mick and One Day at a Time, how were these?

My first SAG job was with One Day at a Time and it was amazing. I met Rita Moreno and Norman Lear, who are icons in the industry. Filming The Mick was also new to me because it was my first time filming on location, which means not on a set stage. It was cool to see how it all worked and how filming went day by day.

You’ve had experience in theatre with Performing Theatre Young Artists, can you say about this?

I love doing theatre. I miss the performances and working with my friends. It was a great start for me getting in front of a live audience and learning my way around the stage. In my opinion, it is the best way to get into acting. The stage feels very free and you get to see what you can do.

Can you tell us about starting your career with commercial and print advertising?

I remember I filmed a Fresh & Easy commercial. It was late at night and I thought it was so cool to stay up until midnight. It was a short shoot but I had my first experience with a trailer and a set teacher. It was a great way to get into the industry. My print ad audition was actually on my birthday so that was also kind of fun. I got the call while I was on vacation and I was super excited to try the print world because it was something new. I got to play soccer for the shoot! I played a lot of soccer in real life.

Have you always had a love of acting and do you have a favourite actor/actress?

I have wanted to be a performer my whole life but I actually started acting in first grade. My favourite actor is Leonardo DiCaprio and my favourite actress is Zendaya.

We understand you’ve been a member of the Girl Scouts for the past eight years, what is this like to be part of?

Being a Girl Scout makes me feel good because I am helping the environment and others in need. When you’re a Girl Scout, you are always trying to help in a situation, and want to be someone that others can come to for advice to help them.

What TV shows do you enjoy watching?

I enjoy watching Alexa & Katie, Friends, Liv and Maddie and The Masked Singer.

What do you enjoy about attending events such as film premieres, and can you say about some of the ones you’ve attended?

I enjoy meeting other actors, including my idols. Some premieres that I’ve attended are Zombies 2, Frozen 2, Aladdin and my first one, Kim Possible.

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