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Last year, Jordan Cramond started his series regular role of Tyler Warren in the new series of The Demon Headmaster on CBBC, a sequel to the 1990s classic which starred Terrence Hardiman and Frances Amey. Before joining the cast of The Demon Headmaster, Jordan played George in the screen adaptation of David Walliams’ The Midnight Gang, and was part of Glasgow’s Funniest Kids on YouTube. We caught up with Jordan about working on the new series of The Demon Headmaster, being cast as Tyler Warren and filming for The Midnight Gang.

Can you tell us about playing Tyler Warren in the remake of The Demon Headmaster?

Playing Tyler is a lot of fun, I can relate to him in lots of ways, we have quite similar personalities.

How did it feel booking the role and getting into character for the first time?

It felt amazing booking the role. I got the call one evening from my agent and I remember jumping around the room with excitement.

📷 : Elaine Cramond

What is the show and cast like to be part of?

The cast are great to work with, it’s like one big family from production, the directors, makeup, and costume department, they are all a lovely bunch.

Did you have a favourite scene to film and what was a typical day on set?

My favourite scene probably was where Blake has to distract the Demon Headmaster while my character (Tyler) sneaks into the boot of the Headmaster’s car. I actually fell when getting inside and the crew tried hard not to laugh as it looked quite funny, but they still used the take.

A typical day on set normally started with hair, costume, and makeup before doing a rehearsal. We would then get mic’d up and go for a take.

📷 : Elaine Cramond

What was it like having Terrence Hardiman (the original Demon Headmaster) on set for a cameo?

Meeting Terrence Hardiman was great! I had watched some old The Demon Headmaster episodes before we started filming. He hadn’t changed much, but although scary in character, he was a warm, friendly person off camera.

📷 : Elaine Cramond

How is the experience filming for a CBBC show?

Filming for a CBBC show is great fun! It’s a lovely atmosphere, we are well looked after. It’s a lot of fun both on and off set.

You played George in The Midnight Gang, what was this like and how was it being part of a David Walliams production?

Playing George was a fantastic experience in lots of ways. It was my first TV role. I had to wear a fat suit which was very warm, but on the whole it was great fun. Being part of a David Walliams production was a dream come true because I enjoyed his books. George was a fun character to play and one of my favourites in the book because he was funny.

📷 : Elaine Cramond

How did you spend your time in between filming scenes?

Between scenes I either chilled out in the green room with the rest of the gang, or I went for on-set tutoring.

What did you enjoy most about being in the cast of the film?

I loved the fact that I got on well with the other cast members, we keep in touch to this day.

📷 : Elaine Cramond

How did you get into acting and is it something you always wanted to do?

I first got into acting by joining local drama groups, then I auditioned for UK Theatre School. I trained there for nine years and recently joined the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland Juniors, and I’m currently starting Year Two.

📷 : Elaine Cramond

Can you tell us about any other projects you’ve been involved with?

Other projects I’ve done are musical shows, pantomimes and voiceovers for TV and Radio. I was part of an online internet sensation (YouTube – Glasgow’s Funniest Kids) called Wee Still Gamers through UKTS, where I was Jack from BBC’s Still Game. This led to us to doing sketches and interviews with actors and celebrities, and eventually we got to meet the real Jack and Victor from the series.

How do you prepare for a role?

Usually I prepare by reading the book if the film is based on a book. I also bring my own take on the character in order to make the character as real as possible, I ask myself who are they, what do they want, and what is their objective?

📷 : Elaine Cramond

What TV shows do you like to watch?

I like watching lots of different genres of TV shows, but comedy features heavily with Friends, Only Fools and Horses and classic Comedy Gold-type shows topping the list. I love films including Old Westerns, James Bond movies, spy thrillers, action and adventure. Pretty much anything that has a good storyline and is well acted.

📷 : Elaine Cramond

How do you like to spend your free time?

I like reading, watching films, eating popcorn, PlayStation games and chatting with my friends.

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