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For her professional debut, Alicia Corrales-Connor booked the role of Katherine Howard in SIX the Musical for Norwegian Cruise Lines, and earlier this year, she joined the UK Tour cast for a short time as cover for the role, which also saw her make her tour debut. Along with the cruise and tour, Alicia spent a few days on standby at the Arts Theatre in London’s West End, and had been announced for the now-postponed concert of Queens Uncrowned, and during lockdown, she joined the worldwide cast for a collaboration of Ex-Wives/Six. Speaking with us, Alicia talked about making her professional debut with SIX the Musical, playing Katherine Howard and being part of the lockdown collaboration.

Was there anything that drew you to audition for SIX the Musical and had you seen the show previously?

I had seen the show when it first came to Glasgow on tour! My best friend had taken me as a gift because she said, after listening to the soundtrack, she thought I’d be perfect for it! I was absolutely blown away and spent the whole ride home talking about how much I wanted to be ‘the pink one’ (I guess dreams really do come true!). So, when I heard it was auditioning, I just had to be there.

How did you feel booking the role of Katherine Howard for Norwegian Cruise Lines as your professional debut?

I felt like I might have been the most fortunate little human in the entirety of existence! I remember the tears on the train back home when I got the call from my agent. He was so proud and so was I. I couldn’t have really been any luckier, to have my dream role in my dream show as my DEBUT!!!

What’s it like being part of a cruise production of a musical?

Well, firstly it was like a circus act trying to dance in those (gorgeous) HUGE PLATFORM BOOTS in the middle of the ocean during stormy seas! We had a few giggles with people toppling over, luckily no broken ankles.

What do you remember from your first performance as Howard?

Honestly? Not much.

Which suggests I was absolutely terrified to the depths of my soul! What I do remember was our dress run in the studio and HOW AMAZING the casts of the other shows were as audience members. They could make anyone feel like they were born to be on that stage, such a supportive and energetic atmosphere.

You covered the role of Katherine Howard for a limited time on the UK Tour, how was this?

The most incredible and valuable experience of my life. I felt ridiculously honoured to be in the presence of some of the most amazing performers I could dream of! It was also, of course, my first experience of touring, so to be able to do it for a shorter amount of time and have these experienced women taking me under their wing, it was a pretty sweet deal if you ask me!

How different did you find the atmosphere on tour opposed to the cruise?

One of the major differences between cruise and tour was the audiences. A lot of the cruise audiences weren’t the kind of people who would seek out such a powerhouse feminist masterpiece (which meant that the show was reaching out further, to more people who needed to hear its message – yay!). However, NOTHING can beat the atmosphere of my tour debut. I felt like a real-life pop star before even opening my mouth. It was magical.

How did you find the experience touring for the first time?

I think that touring is brilliant for people who love to travel and explore. I went to some beautiful towns and performed in some BEAUTIFUL theatres! But it was hard work having to rework the stage for different venues but it definitely keeps you on your toes.

We understand you joined the West End company earlier this year, what was this like?

Yes, I was backstage for a few days in case they had any emergencies. Although I wasn’t needed in the end, it was a lot of fun reworking my blocking into such a tiny little space! It was also great to learn yet another set of harmonies for the show! The best part, however – I cannot lie – was chilling with the queens that I had spent years fangirling over!!

What do you enjoy most about being part of SIX?

That’s a hard one, believe it or not, the whole thing is pretty perfect. The show is hilariously and brilliantly written and has such an empowering message that I believe so strongly in. The people that I’ve met, the casts and creative team, have taught me so much and I’m so grateful to have made some friends for life. I also cannot gush enough about the Queendom and the unconditional love and support that they show EVERY DAY. I’ve never felt so loved in my life! (sorry, Mom haha).

You’d been announced as a performer at the Queens Uncrowned concert which was postponed when theatres closed until further notice, what were you looking forward to for the event?

I was SO excited, I couldn’t wait to perform again, to catch up with my girls, to meet more amazing ladies and for the meet and greet. A lot of fans had been messaging me about how excited they were and I really do love to meet them, their excitement is so lovely and contagious.

You were involved with a lockdown collaboration with the rest of the worldwide cast, what was this like to be part of?

Watching myself perform in a video with women I’ve been looking up to for years was honestly other-worldly. I feel so privileged to have been there to entertain people during such a strange and unsettling time. It was a monster project to bring us all together, and it was brilliantly done.

What theatre shows do you enjoy watching?

My first West End show was Everybody’s Talking About Jamie. It was incredibly moving and very inspiring. I also thoroughly enjoyed Waitress and I cannot wait for Mean Girls to come over!

How do you like to spend your time away from performing?

I’ve recently taken up yoga in an attempt to counterbalance my hobby of sitting on the couch! I also play my piano, ukulele and have been trying to teach myself guitar! I also really love to read at the moment because it’s peaceful without being boring.

Where does your love of singing, acting and dance come from?

It sounds funny but my biggest inspirations growing up were movies like High School Musical and Camp Rock. I always wanted to do something like those kids because it brought me so much joy to watch. My parents are also both musical and actually met when they were both drummers in bands! My dad was the person who showed me I could self-teach instruments. He has also been a great lifelong duet partner!

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