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Angels N’ Bandits, who are managed by founders of The Wanted and The Saturdays, are heading out on their first UK tour in March on the Ultimate Boyband Tour which begins in Nuneaton with the final date on the 5th April at O2 Academy2 Islington. Having been together for many years, the group consists of Angel, AJ, Asha, EllieReece and Frankie, and they are currently working with producers on their debut EP. Last year, Angels N’ Bandits performed at Glastonbury as well as a number of other events including SITC (Social in the City). Talking with Angels N’ Bandits, they chat about how the group came about, performing at Glastonbury and their upcoming plans.

How did Angels N’ Bandits start as a group?

AJ – The band came together through many different friendships. Frankie and Ellie have known each other for most of their lives. Reece and Frankie became friends at school. I knew Reece, Frankie and Ellie, and met Angel when she joined the same dance classes. It was Angel who introduced us to Asha.

What do you enjoy most about working together?

Ellie – We love working with each other because this is what we are passionate about. We are so close that it actually doesn’t feel like work. We have such amazing experiences as a band. The road trips are the best, we can’t wait to be touring together in March. Angel will probably have her Harry Potter socks on, they’ve become one of her road trip essentials.

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You’ve performed previously at SITC (Social in the City), what is this event like to appear at?

Angel – We actually walked twenty-five miles during that day. Thought my Apple Watch had had a glitch when I first looked! Twenty-five miles!! We did a couple of live shows that day so back and forth to the green room, then the M&Gs and not forgetting the rides at the funfair, the steps mounted up! The place is huge and the event was incredible! We could not believe the feedback we got from the most perfect audience we could have asked for. Still can’t get over the 3D photo we had taken of the band!

How is the experience holding meet and greets at events?

Reece – It’s always the best thing meeting your audience after a performance but they are all so different. The impromptu ones are such fun, like the one outside the hall at SITC, we were walking from the stage as the crowd were leaving the NEC hall and it turned into a massive M&G, crazy times. Our fans do so much for us, we love to let them know how much it all means to us.


How was it performing at Glastonbury last year?

Frankie – It was like a dream. Don’t think any of us will ever forget that twenty-four hours. Getting into the festival was crazy, it took hours driving through the crowds. When we got to the top of the hill and security stopped to show us a view of the whole place, we realised it was real. The reaction to our performance was the best, we all came off stage feeling amazing. Getting out of the festival was even more crazy. In a convo of four-wheel-drive vehicles with security walking ahead, through huge crowds of very happy people took another four hours. Wouldn’t change that memory for anything though. To think about the list of incredible artists that have performed there is way too insane. It made us realise how much of a reality this dream career has become for us all.

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Can you tell us about opening Tom Kerridge’s Pub in the Park Festival in St Albans?

Asha – This was a real family audience with a great atmosphere, in my home town.

Ellie – The crowd were amazing, so many of our fans turned up to support us.

Angel – The VIP backstage area was insane with some of the best food we have ever eaten!

AJ – All our families came to see this gig and I remember feeling so good seeing them all in the crowd.

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We understand you are currently working with many amazing producers, can you tell us more about this?

Reece – We have been in the studio with many amazing producers like Naughty Boy, Future Cut, Parker, Dan Ferrari-Lane, Greg West, Dantae the Kid and 6ixvi.

Frankie – This is where I feel most at home. Writing, recording and making music is our passion and we can’t wait to release our first EP. We feel blessed to have worked with such great people and to have the chance to learn from some of the best.

Can you tell us about your TikTok channel?

Angel – We love making videos for TikTok because it’s like no other platform. I can honestly say it’s where I find a lot of new music I listen to. It allows you to express so many sides of a band like ours from dance to singing to acting. When we reached the moment we were able to go live on our account for first time it was insane. We love it when other TikTokers duet with our videos. When you watch a video on the channel start to go viral, it’s the best. We know the M&G at our tour is going to include lots of TikTok collabs from the DMs we are getting from fans. A few have even sent us dances they want us to learn in preparation. Our fans are so amazing. They put so much into supporting us.

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What music do each of you enjoy listening to?

Frankie – Urban stuff.

Reece – Stormzy, Drake, Chris Brown, Burna Boy.

AJ – Jorja Smith, Kehlani.

Ellie – I’m into urban stuff too, like Ella Mai.

Angel – R&B, Raye, Beyonce.

Asha – I like AJ, Jorja Smith and Kehlani, and also chilled stuff like Daniel Caesar.

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Asha, you’re currently playing the role of Lisa James in The Boy in The Dress; how is this going and how is it fitting your stage career around music?

Asha – It’s challenging fitting everything in but I am passionate about music too, so it’s fantastic getting to act with the Royal Shakespeare Company and sing Robbie Williams/Guy Chambers songs in the same show! David Walliams’ book is brilliant too – with a great message that everyone should be free to be themselves, and wear what they want. I performed for them all at the gala night show and met them – they were so lovely, and even danced on stage with us!

What are your upcoming music plans?

Angel – This year is about original music. The stuff we love. Being in the studio, rehearsing our live set. We want to play live as much as possible, release an EP and make our fans proud of anything we do as a band. We can’t wait for festival season to come around. We have so many dates to tell everyone about and it’s so hard to keep it all hush hush until we are able to announce. Stay posted to our socials 😉.

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Do you have any events planned, and if so, where?

Reece – We have just announced our first ever tour of the UK.

7th March: Queens Hall, Nuneaton
8th March: Academy 3, Manchester
14th March: Think Tank, Newcastle
15th March: Zanzibar, Liverpool
22nd March: Corporation, Sheffield
29th March: Classic Grand, Glasgow
5th April: O2 Academy2, Islington

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Plus, we are main stage on 4th July at The M Festival in St Albans. Yeah, and as Angel said, loads more dates coming which we can’t wait to talk about, so stay posted to our socials.

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