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Since starting in theatre at just two years old, Lucy Capri joined the National Broadway Tour of Waitress as Lulu in 2018 and has had many screen roles which has seen her star in Fractured on Netflix alongside Sam Worthington and Lily Rabe released October last year. Lucy played the daughter of British actor Tom Ellis in comedy TV series Queen America and is set to appear in feature film Hillbilly Elegy and the upcoming series The Right Stuff, co-produced by Leonardo DiCaprio. Answering our questions, Lucy tells us about appearing in Waitress, playing Peri Monroe in Fractured and working on her future roles.

How have you found the experience playing Janita Cooper in The Right Stuff, which is co-produced by Leonardo DiCaprio?

I was sooo excited to get to work on this show! I love learning about outer space and that’s what it’s about – well, it’s about astronauts going into space! It’s been so much fun! I can’t talk too much about it because it’s not released yet, but it’s about the Mercury Seven Astronauts and it’s set back in the 1950s. It’s like going back in time! I play the daughter of Astronaut Gordo Cooper. All of the main characters are based on real people.

How would you describe Janita and what was it like working with your on-screen family?

I’m sorry, I can’t really talk too much about my character until the show is released but I have had the BEST time working with my set sister and parents. Chandler Head plays my big sister and she has become one of my best friends. I love her so much! And Mr. Colin and Ms. Eloise are the BEST too! They are SO fun and funny! I was so excited to see them each day on set!

What was it like touring as Lulu in Waitress?

Working in Waitress was a DREAM COME TRUE! The first time I saw it was when I was three years old, on the Macy’s Day Parade – they did the end song. I told my parents that I could play Lulu someday. When I was five, I got to audition for the role when it came to Florida. I cried when I found out I got the part. My parents have it on video, LOL. It really was a dream come true!!! I probably drove them crazy talking about it so much. 😀

How did it feel going on stage in front of a live audience and have you seen the show since leaving?

I have been doing theatre since I was two. I just love performing on a live stage with an audience. My favourite part in Waitress was when the audience laughed when I said my lines, and I really, really, really loved dancing with everyone! The end scene is the best part of the show! It’s so fun! I have not seen the whole show though, because it’s for adults. My scenes were totally kid-friendly though!

Can you tell us about your role of Peri Monroe in Fractured alongside Sam Worthington and Lily Rabe?

Playing Peri was SUPER fun and definitely one of my most favourite adventures ever! She’s a lot like me and loves to play in the snow, and dress up and play with make up. The best part was doing the stunts though. I had so much fun going to stunt school and filming those scenes, it was awesome! Sam and Lily were SO cool too! They were very fun and silly, and we had a lot of fun on set together. Lily and I even had some secret motions we did to each other that only we knew what they meant. We laughed a lot!

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What was this thriller like to work on?

My mom just had to explain what thriller meant to me, but filming one really was a lot of fun! It was really cool doing a movie that was a mystery. A lot of people have told me they couldn’t wait to see what happened and that made me happy to know they liked watching it. I know there were some scary parts, and I have not seen the whole movie because it’s also for adults, but the parts I saw were really cool! I had so much fun working for three months on it. It was filmed in Canada and I really miss the cast and crew a lot. The director was Brad Anderson and he was so nice! Like soooo nice! He was really good about explaining things and he really made me feel like I was a good actor. And we also did fun things off set together too – I got to learn how to “curl”, which is a sport on the ice. I have so many fun stories and memories from working on this movie. I loved every second of it!

How was the experience on set of Hillbilly Elegy?

This adventure was really cool also! I got to work with Mr. Ron Howard and he was one of the nicest directors I’ve ever worked with too. He was always telling people “thank you” and was really so nice and encouraging. This movie was also the first time I got to play a character that had a sibling – I had always worked as an only-child before then. The movie will be coming out soon, so I can’t talk much more about it until it’s released.

How was it portraying Grace, the daughter of Andy who was played by British actor Tom Ellis, in Queen America?

Grace was so much fun to play! Mr. Tom was one of the coolest actors I’ve ever worked with! He has such a cool British accent also (but he didn’t use it in the show). He has two daughters also and you could tell he is a really good dad. The director was Ms. Alethea Jones. She was SO cool! She was so fun and made everyone on set so happy. She had cool style – I loved her clothes – and also had a really cool Australian accent. I wish I had a cool accent like her. 😉

What was it like working alongside the rest of the cast?

I really, really loved working with Ms. Catherine (Zeta-Jones). She was one of the nicest people I have EVER met! She also has a REALLY pretty British accent. I would love to see her again someday! She was just so nice and always gave me a big hug each day on set! The scenes we did together were really fun too – although when you watch some of them, some of them are sad. She really helped me understand the sad scenes. It was also fun to eat the junk food and then later “wear it”, LOL. They let me lick some of the chocolate off my face, it was really funny… and yummy!

📷 : Michelle Nicole Photography

What’s the most fun part about acting?

I love all of it! I like auditioning and doing callbacks and travelling and filming! It’s all a big adventure! I have special memories from each one, and I feel very, very blessed and very lucky.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I love babies! I love playing with my little cousins and helping in our church nursery when I can. I have lots of baby dolls and each of them have a name. I also have two cats. They are crazy but I love them a lot too. I also love to play outside in my treehouse and ride my bike! I’ve gotten really fast since my training wheels came off. And I also like to swim and rollerskate. My sister says I’m a mermaid because I love to swim in the deep end. I’d love to be a mermaid!

We understand you are also a voiceover artist, can you tell us about some of your work?

I love doing voiceovers! I did my first one when I was two years old. We have a voiceover booth in our house now because my big sister does a lot of them. I’ve done cartoons and some TV and radio commercials. I also did a fun video game. That was so cool! I just love doing all of them!

What do you like about this type of project?

When you’re doing voiceovers, you don’t have to hold back your emotions as much because you’re not on-camera. And you can be more animated, depending on the project of course. But it’s just a lot of fun! And most of the voiceovers I’ve done make the directors laugh. That feels really good. 😀

Are you able to say what you’re currently working on, or have coming up this year?

I have a few projects that I have to wrap up on but I can’t talk too much about them. I did just return from Europe working on one of them, and I can’t wait to work with the cast and crew again this year when we finish! Fingers crossed that The Right Stuff gets to film a Season Two also! As of right now, this year I have two films coming out (one that’s unannounced – the European one – and Hillbilly Elegy) and then the TV series The Right Stuff will be coming out on National Geographic Channel and Disney+. I can’t wait to see what else could happen this year! I really am so grateful for these opportunities. I feel very blessed and I am very, very thankful.

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