Jayden Bartels

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American actor and singer Jayden Bartels has appeared in many screen roles including as Peyton in Disney’s Coop and Cami Ask the World and as Avery in the 2018 film To The Beat! and reprises her role in the sequel due to be released in March. Jayden writes and records her own music with her EP What Really Matters? released last September and her latest single Alphabet in December, both proving very popular with listeners, and she will soon be heading out with Echosmith on their upcoming The Lonely Generation 2020 Tour starting February 12th in Washington, DC. As a multi-talented teenager, Jayden also runs a successful YouTube channel which currently has over 700k subscribers regularly uploading a variety of content such as vlogs and original music. Chatting with us, Jayden talks about playing Peyton in Coop and Cami Ask the World, filming for To The Beat! Back 2 School and releasing her new single and music video Alphabet.

How did your music career come about and what’s it like collaborating with other artists?

I have been singing for about two years but I decided I wanted to release music about a year ago when I felt confident in my voice. Collaborating with other artists is so cool and I love hearing the ideas that they have.

How long were you working on your EP, What Really Matters?, and did you have a favourite song to record?

I worked on my EP for about four months before I released it. My favourite song to record was probably Second because it was very different for me but I fell in love with the style of it.

Can you tell us about your new single and music video, Alphabet?

Alphabet is about how much your perspective changes from when you were little to when you grow up. I wanted the music video to be extra bright and colourful so it represented my childhood.

Where does your inspiration for your songwriting come from?

All my inspiration for my songs come from things that have happened to me, emotions I feel, something very personal that I’m going through.

How does it feel to be heading out with Echosmith on their upcoming The Lonely Generation 2020 Tour?

I’m still so shocked that I’m going on tour with Echosmith and I couldn’t be more excited!

What is Peyton like to play in Disney’s Coop and Cami Ask the World?

It is so much fun, I love doing comedy! Everyone on that set is so welcoming and I’m always excited to shoot with them.

How is it being on set of the series and being part of the cast?

It’s awesome because the whole crew and cast feels like one big family. I always look forward to going to set when I am shooting Coop and Cami.

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You guest-starred as Emma Garrett on Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders, can you tell us what this was like to do?

I was really young back then so I was so in awe of the whole cast and I loved shooting it.

Can you tell us about appearing in an episode of Kidding which stars Jim Carrey?

I have always loved Jim Carrey! I think he is so talented and I admire how diverse he is and how he can play a serious role or a comedic role and everything in-between! Being on his show was so unreal and a dream come true.

You’re in the upcoming comedy drama To The Beat! Back 2 School, what was this like to film?

I loved filming To The Beat!. All of my cast mates are my best friends so we would always hang out while filming and have so much fun!

What are you looking forward to for the release?

I’m excited to see the fans’ reactions because there are a ton of new characters and they have stories too. New stories mean new things happen which makes it exciting!

What encouraged you to start your YouTube channel and what do you enjoy most about filming videos?

I wanted to start my YouTube channel because I have always loved creating videos! I have also always wanted to be a director! Doing my own YouTube videos lets me create and make content that I like!

You have a huge following on social media, how does it feel seeing them interact with your projects?

I love my fans and I love interacting with them! It’s very important to me to stay connected with my fans and hear their feedback. It’s such an amazing feeling when I can finally release a project to my fans that I have been working on. It inspires me to create more!

What are your music and acting plans for this year?

I have a lot of new music in store that I cannot wait to share. For acting, I actually just booked something huge that I can’t say too much about but I’m very excited about it!

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