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James Fletcher started his major screen career as Dylan Jenkins in Hollyoaks, before leaving the show in 2015, and has filmed an episode for the new TV series Giri/Haji. Returning to Horsham’s pantomime for his third year, James will be playing the role of Mini Smee in Peter Pan, which runs at The Capitol Theatre from 13th December 2019 until 5th January. Speaking with us, James talks about returning to Horsham, his favourite thing about pantomime season and what families will enjoy about this year’s show.

How do you feel about returning to the Horsham pantomime for another year?

Great! I love being here. Like I said last year, it’s a lovely place to be and the town is delightful. It’s a lovely theatre to perform in, and a lovely town to spend most of your Christmas in.

Can you tell us about your character?

My character is going to be fun, zany, extremely energetic, and when I’ve seen the script, I can tell you more!

What is your favourite thing about pantomime season?

Everyone who comes to see pantomime is in a good mood. I remember going to see pantomimes, it was always an event getting the whole family together, and it’s very nice to be part of everyone’s Christmas.


Have you had any onstage moments in the previous Horsham pantomimes that didn’t go to plan?

All the time! But I think that is the fun of pantomime, that there is inevitably a little mishap, and that is where the most hilarious moments come from.

Do you have any advice for someone doing their first pantomime performance?

Just go for it. It’s better that you go wrong whilst going full out than being a little timid and go wrong anyway, haha!

Do you enjoy watching theatre shows, if so, have you seen any recently?

Yes, I do. I recently saw Youth Without God in London, but I wasn’t a huge fan of that particular performance. I’m looking forward to seeing a production called Baby Reindeer at Bush Theatre, which is about a stalker. It’s based on an ongoing story so the stalker will probably come and see the show which is a little bit strange!

Peter Pan Invitation.jpg No Dates HIGH RES

You’ve done some screen work in the past year, are you able to talk about it?

It was good fun, I enjoyed it, it’s nice to work… I probably can’t say much more than that unfortunately.

Why do you think families will enjoy this year’s pantomime?

You can’t not enjoy a pantomime. If you come to a pantomime and not enjoy yourself then you need your head looking at. It’s a massive laugh, it doesn’t take itself too seriously, and it manages to take the mick out of the year that’s passed and make everyone feel a little bit better about the chaotic situation we find our country in at the moment, because if you can’t laugh at it, it’s time to end it haha!

PETER PAN starts 13th December and runs until 5th January at The Capitol Theatre, Horsham.

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