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Singer-songwriter Rachel Harney released her EP Delicate in June and recently played at a festival with another one later this month. Rachel has had the opportunity to sing live and be interviewed on Eagle Radio as well as performing at O2 Islington in London earlier this year. After the release of her EP, we spoke to Rachel about her music career so far, appearing on the radio and recording Delicate.

Can you say about your recent EP release Delicate?

My recent EP Delicate is about what people think they know about you. On the surface, I come across as a person who doesn’t get affected by a lot and am quite hard to break and hurt. However, deep down I am actually very “delicate”. Sometimes I may not show that I am hurt or upset however inside I am actually very emotional and delicate. This EP is also about being independent and persevering no matter how many times you get knocked down and no matter how many people knock you down and don’t believe you are good enough. It is about ignoring them and getting back up and proving them all wrong. Don’t be too delicate inside, however, being delicate is also a strength as you keep persevering.

How long was it in the making?

Delicate was in the making for around six months. These six months included writing the songs, recording them, mixing and mastering each track. This was actually a very quick process for my EP, as previously I have spent around the same time working on one song. However, having Liam Gunning co-produce the EP helped with the creativity and helped with how quick the project was created.

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What has the response been like to it so far?

So far, the response for the EP has been really, really good. I have reached over 1000 streams on the majority of the songs, which is amazing due to the fact that the EP is a five-track EP and has also only been out for one month. So, I am very happy with the response to the EP so far.

How do you find the experience filming music videos?

Filming the music video was amazing! I shot two music videos on the same day which was exciting enough on its own, however, I was also filming dancers for the music video which was really exciting for me as I have always wanted dancers in my music video and now I had dancers in two of them. So, filming the music videos was such an amazing, exciting experience.

Can you tell us about your performance on Eagle Radio?

I have performed on Eagle Radio a couple of times now which was also a great experience. I was given the opportunity to perform two live acoustic versions of my own original song and a cover. As well as that I was able to have the opportunity to be interviewed by Jack from Eagle Radio in order to explain my track and answer any questions he wanted to ask me. It was such an awesome experience and one that I will never get enough of.

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How was it performing at O2 Islington in May?

Performing at O2 Islington was such a buzz! The crowd there was so amazing and had so much energy that my energy on stage just went through the roof. Honestly, I had such an amazing performance and seeing the crowd enjoy my music and really listen and feel what I’m saying was so amazing to see and I never wanted the experience to end. I mean, I was performing at O2 Islington so I was already so energetic and excited and then to get the crowd to react to my music in the way they did just made the whole experience and it is one I will never forget.

When did your music career start?

My music career started when I was in Year Nine so I was around thirteen/fourteen years old when my mum heard me singing a song in my room and convinced me to perform at my local school music concert. The feedback and response I got from that performance really boosted my confidence and made me experience a feeling that has stayed with me since that day and will stay with me forever. Once I had finished that performance I realised this is what I want to do for the rest of my life, this is what makes me feel good and this is what I am good at.

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How would you describe your music for those that haven’t heard you perform?

My music is a mixture between Billie Eilish, Halsey and Twenty One Pilots. The music in which I create is indie electronic pop. I enjoy adding weird vocal effects in order to allow my music to have a darker side to it, without it being super depressing. The vocal effects are dark and meaningful. Each song has a meaning/theme behind it and my recent EP Delicate has a meaning/theme behind the whole EP. It has the theme of independence and perseverance which is something that is extremely important to me. I release music in which I enjoy in the hope that other people will enjoy it too.

What music artists do you enjoy listening to?

I love listening to so many people, for example, Billie Eilish and Twenty One Pilots are massive influences. However, I also love listening to people such as Imagine Dragons, Anne-Marie, Justin Bieber (I know haha), Khalid, Kehlani, FINNEAS (if you don’t know him you have to check him out!) Ed Sheeran… soooo many people.

Who would you most like to collaborate with or support on tour?

I would love to support Twenty One Pilots or Imagine Dragons on tour, that would be amazing! However, I think I would love to support any of the artists I said previously, but Twenty One Pilots or Imagine Dragons would be a dream, to support them on tour or collaborate with them would be amazing!

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Do you have any events coming up where you’ll be performing?

Yes, I have a performance where I will be headlining down in Canterbury in September time. I also have a few gigs coming up in 2020 which will be awesome. I’ve already played a festival this month, which was great, and I have Summer Live Festival on Thursday 25th July. After September, I will be performing a lot more so keep an eye on my website and social media for the gig dates.

Are you currently working on new music now the EP is out?

Yes, I am actually working on a lot of music. I have been down at Abbey Road Studios recording a live acoustic session of an unreleased song, I also recorded my next single down at Abbey Road which will be out early 2020. I have been working on so much music recently since my EP Delicate had been released and am very excited to release my next single and my live acoustic session.

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