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Music artist Asher Knight has supported on a number of tours over the past couple of years, most recently with Boyzone and The Vamps, and has just been announced as support act on the upcoming UK Tour for Will Young. Asher is part of The Power of Muzik run by CeCe Sammy and has had sets at Fusion Festival and Brighton Pride, which saw him perform his original music. Since his debut single Hurricanes and Tornadoes in 2018, Asher has continued releasing music as well as his EP Step Back in April this year, with the title track being written by Take That’s Mark Owen. Recently chatting with Asher, he speaks about being involved with The Power of Muzik, his debut EP Step Back and supporting artists on tour.

What was it like releasing your debut single Hurricanes and Tornadoes?

Releasing Hurricanes and Tornadoes was very exciting, everything from doing my first music video directed by Travis Payne and then doing the song on the Summer of Steps Tour.


Can you tell us about your debut EP Step Back?

Releasing my debut EP has been amazing!! Every song reflects and shows a part of my life from the struggles to my happiest moments. I was so scared to release the EP, as it’s vulnerable but hearing that the songs have inspired people to express themselves, dance and even revise for their exams is so touching!!


What’s it like having your song written by Mark Owen?

Growing up, my parents listened to Take That, so from a young age I was inspired by him. Step Back is the perfect lead single for my EP as the lyrics speak to everyone, so just to say that’s my song is something I am still shocked by.


Do you have an artist you would most like to collaborate with?

I have always dreamed of collaborating with so many people, so really hard to say who exactly. I would love to collaborate with Beyoncé, we all know she is amazing!!

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What music do you enjoy listening to and has it changed over the years?

I have diverse taste in music!! One day I will only listen to 90s Pop, next it will be Rap and Rock. I think growing up has helped me appreciate all different types of music.


What do you enjoy about performing at events such as Fusion Festival and Brighton Pride?

The two things stick out mainly, meeting so many amazing artists backstage as there are so many people performing, which is incredible. The main thing though is the audience, as unlike arenas and theatres where, due to the darkness and spotlights, I can only see a couple of rows, at outdoor venues I can see everyone which is fun.


Can you tell us about supporting Boyzone and the recent tour with The Vamps?

Both have been surreal, huge venues, amazing fans!! I have huge respect for The Vamps and Boyzone as they are such nice people, they are funny and make you feel welcome.

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You’ve previously supported Steps and All Saints, what were these like?

Steps and All Saints were huge learning experiences as they were both my first tours I had ever been on so I am so appreciative of everything I learned during the tours from them.


You’ve recently been announced as support on the Will Young tour, what are you most looking forward to?

Every time I go on tour I try to do better than the last, so this tour will be amazing!! I just can’t wait to meet Will Young and open up for him now!!


How do you prepare for a long tour around the UK?

So, preparing for a tour is emotional, tiring and stressful at times. There is a lot of amazing people who make the performances happen, from CeCe Sammy to Travis Payne and so many more amazing people. We all work together so well now and it’s helped me grow so much as an artist!! My days leading up to tour usually consist of 8am gym, 10am vocals, then 11:30am dance, 2pm full runs of the show until 6pm, then I go home, eat and rehearse by myself until it all starts again the next day.


What do you like about working with CeCe Sammy and The Power of Muzik?

CeCe Sammy is my mentor and have known her for five years or so. I am a part of her family, when not on tour I am usually with CeCe. Power of Muzik was founded by CeCe and has been amazing experience doing tours like Steps and The Vamps with Power of Muzik and then going into schools inspiring students.

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How did you first get involved with them?

CeCe told me about Power of Muzik and I had to join, it sounded great and I would do anything to support CeCe!!!


Do you have any events coming up over the summer months?

I have a few, I am doing two events for Girlguiding Wellies and Wristbands and then I believe some more, which is going to be fun.


What are your future music release plans?

Since getting off The Vamps tour, amazing things have been happening behind the scenes which I can’t share yet but will do soon.


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