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Having his first acting role in Peter and Wendy, Woody Norman has since appeared in productions such as Him and The White Princess, where he played Prince Harry. Last year, Woody was seen on TV screens in the BBC series Troy: Fall of a City and has filmed for soon-to-be released feature The Current War, playing Benedict Cumberbatch’s son, Dash Edison. Woody will be in the upcoming final series of Poldark, which he recently finished filming in the role of Valentine. Catching up with Woody last month, he speaks about playing Dash Edison, appearing in Troy: Fall of a City and what he’s got coming up.

You are in the cast of the upcoming series of The War of the Worlds, how was this and what are you looking forward to for the release?

The War of the Worlds was such a fun drama to be part of and my main excitement is, I did this job with my chaperones, so my mum hasn’t seen any of it and I cannot wait for her to see it.

Is there anything you can say about the feature film Bruno and your character Izzy?

Bruno was a challenging job. My character Izzy has a tough life because of his father and how he treats him so he runs away, he befriends a homeless man and they look for his dog and, at the same time, help each other. Karl Golden, the director, is one of my favourite directors to have worked with and I enjoyed every second and learnt so much.

You played the younger version of Josh O’Connor’s character Marius in the 2019 TV adaptation of Les Misérables, what was this role like to take on?

To take on the role of Young Marius was such an honour to work on such a memorable story and such a loved story, with the most incredible cast. The actor playing my grandfather, David Bradley, was in Harry Potter and was the nicest person to act alongside.

Who is your character Evander in Troy: Fall of a City?

Evander in Troy: Fall of a City is the son of a baker who went to war, he is cheeky and lives with his granny and older brother, he keeps his ear to the ground to tell everyone the goings-on in Troy.

How did you find the experience filming for a BBC historical drama?

I’ve filmed for the BBC a few times now and I love working for them, historical pieces are great because it also lets me learn about history while doing the job I love.

How long were you filming for your role as Dash Edison in The Current War, where you played Benedict Cumberbatch’s son?

I loved playing Dash in The Current War and working with Benedict Cumberbatch was a dream. I was filming for about two months on and off.

What was it like to be involved with this film?

The Current War was an honour to be part of. Firstly, two Avengers characters were in the cast, Tom Holland AKA Spider-Man, Benedict Cumberbatch AKA Doctor Strange and also Nicholas Hoult, who attended the school I’m about to start at, Sylvia Young.

What was it like playing Prince Harry in The White Princess alongside Jodie Comer and Billy Barratt?

I loved filming The White Princess, Billy Barratt is now one of my good friends, and I’m so happy for Jodie as she has just won her BAFTA, it was fun working with her and she is an amazing actress.

How was the experience on the TV mini-series Him and what was it like being part of the cast?

My experience with the drama Him was short as I was only in the flashback, but it was amazing to be cast as a young Fionn Whitehead.

What do you remember from your time as Curly/Rory in Peter and Wendy?

My memories of Peter and Wendy are very inspiring because it was my first full job. The sets were amazing and I really enjoyed working with the children, especially Zak Sutcliffe. I loved working with Stanley Tucci so very much.

Do you watch your roles back and what’s it like seeing yourself on screen?

When I watch myself, I always try and pick apart my performance and challenge myself to see if I could have changed it in anyway, I also wonder how it will feel in ten years time when I watch my earlier roles back and to see how much my acting has moved on or changed.

How much do you remember about how you felt at your first ever audition?

My first acting audition, I didn’t really know what to expect and wondered what it would feel like.

What age were you when you got into acting and what was your first acting experience?

I started acting at the age of five after working as a child model, my first acting experiences were commercials but my first full acting job was in Peter and Wendy.

What do you enjoy most about acting?

What I enjoy about acting is the way it makes me feel, I feel like I’m in another universe, playing all different people… I love meeting all the new cast members, seeing new countries and I feel so lucky to be able to do something I really love.

Are you currently filming any productions or have any booked that you can say about?

I finished filming Poldark earlier this year playing Valentine and right now, I’m busy auditioning for new roles, I just flew to Los Angeles a couple of months ago to screen test. It’s very exciting waiting to see who I will play next and who my cast members will be… hopefully some more Avengers!

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