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Since appearing in award-winning short film Never Alone in 2017, Megan Hughes is now one of the lead roles in popular children’s TV series The Worst Witch after joining in Series 2 as Maud Spellbody and had the chance to attend the CBBC Summer Social meeting fans of the show and hosting ‘potions’ tutorials. Megan is also an ambassador for Secret Santa 365, which is run by her sister Courtney Hughes BEM BCAv and helps by delivering gifts to vulnerable people in Oxfordshire. Answering our questions in a break from a busy schedule, Megan says more about Never Alone, playing Maud Spellbody in The Worst Witch and her charity work.

What’s the experience like filming for The Worst Witch?

Absolutely amazing, I love it so much, it has taught me so much and I have made some lifelong friends. The crew are all so funny and the cast are just awesome. I just enjoy filming, it is super fun and enjoyable.

How does it feel being part of a largely recognised franchise?

I LOVE IT, you get to have so many opportunities, for example I have been able to do voice work for the amazing The Worst Witch: Magic Adventure game. I did CBBC HQ and had a great time. I also got to go to CBBC Summer Social, where we performed and got to meet some very inspirational people. I feel privileged to be part of The Worst Witch and love meeting people who love to watch it, it makes me see how all of our hard work has come to such an amazing show.

Had you watched The Worst Witch before being cast?

Well, The Worst Witch was the first book that my mum gave me and I loved it. So, being cast for it was amazing. After being told I had got the role, I watched the first series to see all of the cast and what everyone looked like.

How would you describe your character Maud Spellbody?

Loyal to her friends. She can get up to mischief with Mildred and Enid. I think Maud is a very lovable character. I love playing her.

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What has the response been like to your character?

Really good, lots of people love following the journey of Maud and her friends as she goes through some really good and bad times and it gets people really involved. It was really nice to see the comments to Maud’s Diary of how everyone had something to ask and say about each situation.

What do you remember from your first day on set and putting Maud’s costume on for the first time?

I was really nervous but I loved it, all the crew welcomed me to the show and I got to meet all the cast. My first scene was so fun, being in front of the camera and completely turning into Maud. Putting my costume on for the first time was so exciting, I really felt like it made me turn into the character. I loved it.

What’s the most fun part about being in the cast?

Making so many memories on set and off when I’m at the accommodation with the girls, we love making bloopers because they are so funny to watch back. You learn so much on the job, you can even try some of the crew jobs (I learnt how to do the electrical part behind camera).

Have you had a stand-out most challenging scene to film?

Any scene with cats in it! I had to hold a cat in a scene and say my lines but every time I started saying my lines, the cats just jumped out of my arms, it can be very challenging. But other scenes that are hard to film are ones that you can only do once, like when you are being slimed and they can’t redo it, so you have to get it perfect.

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What do you do in-between filming scenes?

Tutoring, we do at least three hours of tutoring a day. But if we do not have time to do tutoring, we all play some games outside or in the cabin. And sometimes we sleep if we are tired.

What was it like attending CBBC Summer Social?

It was so fun. We got to do some performing slots by teaching children how to make a potion. Then we got to meet some really inspirational people like Mackenzie Ziegler, Johnny Orlando, Mr Tumble, Max & Harvey

Can you tell us about Maud’s Diary?

Maud’s Diary was a series of short clips of different challenges and at the end they get resolved. You can comment any of your own questions to ask me.

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Before The Worst Witch, you appeared in award-winning short film Never Alone, can you say about this?

I was in a short film called Never Alone, which was directed by Olivia Maiden. It was about three sisters and one of them falls from a tree and dies. Her sister Bella finds it hard to let go of this tragic accident, she starts to see her sister and slowly loses the bond with the rest of her family. Her dead sister tells her that she needs to forget and carry on with her life and reminds her that she is Never Alone. I was lucky enough to be cast as the little sister Flo, who sees the tragic accident and tries to help, she tries to get her big sister Bella to forget about it. It has gone up for many awards including the Barcelona Planet Film Festival, Los Angeles CineFest, Morningstar Cine Fest, Los Angeles Film Awards… It was very fun to film and a great experience.

Where did your acting career start?

Professionally I started acting three years ago for The Worst Witch but I was doing short films and extra roles a few years before that.

We understand you are an ambassador for Charity Secret Santa, can you say more about this?

Yes, my sister Courtney Hughes BEM BCAv started Charity Secret Santa when she was twelve when our great grandma Elsie had fallen ill at Christmas time. My sister realised that lots of elderly people didn’t have anyone to spend Christmas time with. In March 2013, our great grandmother passed away, my family were devastated. This encouraged her to start up a charity in memory of her. She gives presents to people in need, homeless, elderly, premature babies… she has got many awards for her amazing work, for example a British Citizen Award, British Empire Medal (From the Queen’s Honours List)… She is an inspiration to so many people. I help by sorting all the donations out and delivering presents with her.

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