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📷 : Ian Christmann

Since starting a career in acting and having roles in a number of TV series including popular drama Orange Is The New Black in 2017, Skylar Dunn played the role of Young Charity in the box-office success, The Greatest Showman. More recently, Skylar has completed filming Visiting Day, a short production with an expected release date later this year. Answering our questions, we find out from Skylar about appearing in Orange Is The New Black, working on The Greatest Showman and being nominated for an award for her portrayal of Young Charity.

What do you remember from your time in The Greatest Showman and what was it like working on a big production?

It was amazing! There are so many memories I have; however working with all of the people involved was definitely the best part! There was so much hard work involved, but everyone did their part so well and got along great.

If you attended the film premiere, can you tell us about the experience?

It was magical! The fact that it was on a cruise ship was awesome. A great thing about the premiere was that since I didn’t film scenes with a lot of the actors, I got to see all of them there which was really cool!

Did you get chance to record for the soundtrack?

I did not! The soundtrack was recorded early on in the film production and at that time “young Charity” was not singing in A Million Dreams.

What’s your favourite song from the album?

My favourite song is The Other Side! The thing that makes this song my favourite is what you see happening during the song. You obviously can’t forget about that dancing bartender.

📷 : Ian Christmann

What or who encouraged you to audition for the film?

My agent pitched me for this part to casting. None of us were sure if it was the right fit for me but I went to the audition anyway. I really felt a connection in the room with the casting agents too and at my directors session; it was just meant to be I guess.

What did you learn from your time on set?

I learned a lot about what was going on behind the camera. These people work SUPER-DUPER hard and make it all happen in the end! Without all of them, we would not have film, TV, commercials, etc.

What was it like working alongside Young Barnum actor, Ellis Rubin?

Ellis was awesome! We got along great and had a good friendship from the start! He was a joy to work with and we have some pretty awesome (and hilarious) memories.

How did it feel to be nominated for Best Performance in a Feature Film – Supporting Young Actress at the Young Artist Awards 2018?

It was really cool, I was not able to attend the Awards but it was an honour to know that so many people loved and appreciated my performance as Young Charity. My part was short but I think Ellis and I really created the chemistry needed to believe in the love story of Barnum and Charity.

How was the experience walking the carpet at the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards?

It was fabulous! It was an honour to walk the carpet with all these talented celebrities I have always looked up to. If it wasn’t for the KCAs, I wouldn’t be friends with some of the actors I’m friends with now. Overall, everyone was so nice and I really hope I can go again some time!

Who was your character Susan in Orange is the New Black?

I was a girl who was a “nature scout” with young Frieda. Penny and Susan were two girls who kind of taunted Frieda as a child. This was definitely a role totally opposite of the real me but it was fun to play.

📷 : Ian Christmann

Is there anything you can tell us about the upcoming short film Visiting Day and your character Grace?

I actually got to shoot this film with one of my good friends who is also an actor. It was so much fun filming at a sleep away camp with lots of girls my age. The film will most likely go to festivals this year sometime.

What do you enjoy most about acting?

Acting is an art just like painting, music, etc. When you are part of an art, you get to be creative. I love to take risks and explore different characters. I also love how in every audition I get, I get to experience being a different person who lives a different lifestyle and learn about it! Even if I don’t book the role, I always learn something new with each audition, and there are never any wrong answers in acting. That is something really special that not all people get to do!

Can you tell us about the dancing you’re involved with and how much time do you spend on training?

I dance about six hours a week in classical ballet and pointe training. I also was part of my school hip-hop/kickline and jazz team where we practiced about six hours a week with competitions on weekends and we travelled to Nationals in Disney World where we actually just won the Middle School team division in hip-hop and kickline. I also take freestyle hip-hop classes whenever I can because it’s a style I just love so much.

Do you have any upcoming roles, or any you’re presently working on, that you’re able to tell us about?

Finding your next role and the right role for you is a process that I am always working toward. I am currently looking at lots of projects and waiting for the right fit. Being in The Greatest Showman has given me a great credit which has helped bring more opportunities my way. I’m looking forward to my next big project to show how hard I have been working and training and when it comes I will be ready.

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