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Between 2014 and 2016, Jaheem Toombs starred as a regular character in Nickelodeon comedy 100 Things To Do Before High School as Fenwick Frazier. Recent releases for Jaheem include To The Beat! film and an episode of Knight Squad, with both broadcast last year. Along with acting, Jaheem also has a passion for music and has already released his debut single Superpower under the name Jaheem King. Chatting to the actor-musician, he tells us about appearing in 100 Things To Do Before High School, being brand ambassador for the Life is Good Kids Foundation and his future music plans.

Last year, you appeared in feature film To The Beat!, can you tell us about the film and your character Pauly?

To The Beat! was super fun! I loved getting to work with Laura Krystine (100 Things) again! Jake Brennan and I are really goofy together so it was a fun time being on the same set! Pauly is the brains/mastermind behind the plan and he’s secretly in love with Laura’s character which was hilarious! To The Beat! can be streamed now on Netflix!

How different was it filming for To The Beat! opposed to your previous roles and how long were you on this set for?

It was very relaxed compared to a lot of other projects! It only took a couple of weeks to shoot.

You played Fenwick Frazier in all episodes of 100 Things To Do Before High School, was there anything that drew you to the role?

All my life I wanted to be on a Nickelodeon show. It was my biggest dream. I would study Nickelodeon day in and day out! When we relocated to LA, I would make my mom drive me by Nickelodeon Studios every day to take pictures next to the billboards. I would always say “I’m gonna have my face up there one day, I promise”. The day my billboard went up is still a surreal moment! It was one of the most incredible experiences of my life.

Can you tell us about the show and your character?

100 Things To Do Before High School was a super fun show! It’s about three kids on a mission to make the most out of middle school by creating a list of epic things to do to save their friendship and survive the challenges life throws at them! Fenwick is all brain. He’s the smartest kid in school! It was definitely a lot of fun to play Fenwick because, like me, he was very dramatic, sarcastic, and extra!

What was it like on set of a Nickelodeon production?

There was always great energy on our set! Everyone became like family after spending twelve hours a day with the same people for three years! Everything changed the moment we premiered! It’s so cool to see the impact our show has had worldwide!

Did you have a favourite episode to film?

My favourite episode to film was Start a Garage Band Thing!, it was a wild episode to film and I remember we all had a lot of fun that week!

How was the experience portraying Michael Jackson in the award-winning short film This Is Me and are there ways to still see this production?

It was definitely super fun, I love MJ, and I think that project was beautifully done! I met some great friends! The video can be found on Brandon Stewart’s YouTube!

When did you film for Knight Squad and can you tell us about your character Sebastian?

Filming on Knight Squad was super fun because that cast includes some of my best friends in the world! Owen (Joyner) and I starred on 100 Things together so it was really cool to be reunited on screen! Fun fact, Lilimar and I had a little cooking show together back in the beginning of our Nickelodeon days! Owen, Lilimar, Amarr (M. Wooten) and I have all been friends for over five years! Savannah (Lee May) and Dani (Perkins) are also close friends of mine, so all of us being on set together was definitely dope! Sebastian was shady, petty, and all of that fun stuff! It was hard to take anything seriously considering that I had to play an enemy on screen to my closest friends! It was hilarious! Definitely a great show and a great environment!


What do you remember about guest-starring in Gortimer Gibbon’s Life on Normal Street as Harold?

Me and Sloane (Morgan Siegel) have always been friends so it was definitely really cool to get the opportunity to work together! It was a short shoot day but certainly a fun one!

How was it appearing in episodes of The Cape and Mr. Sunshine early on in your career?

Wow! Those were so long ago, it’s almost a blur. Working with Matthew Perry was awesome on Mr. Sunshine! I believe that one of these was my first live audience show which is a whole new world! I love that feeling! I’m super grateful for those opportunities!

Do you remember anything from your first ever audition?

One of my first auditions was for Save Me, my first ever film directed by Lena Waithe! It was my first job ever and I was super excited! In the audition room, all of my nerves went away because Lena made me feel so comfortable and loved! She is like a big sister to me today, and working with her was an incredible learning experience!

When was your first acting experience and is this career something you knew you always wanted to do?

I always knew I wanted to entertain. My first acting experience was in my hometown church. I always had the best time when I was on stage. I would stand in front of the TV at home and make my entire family watch me re-enact my favourite shows and musicals.

What was it like recording your debut single Superpower?

Superpower is super special to me because that was my first time being in the booth since I moved to LA! I’ve always been extremely passionate about music and I have an incredible team that knows and understands my sound! I’m super happy with the response Superpower has gotten and there’s so much more music to come!

When did your passion for music begin and do you have any upcoming music plans?

I’ve been singing since I was a baby! Music has always been so special to me. I literally couldn’t live without it. I’ve been working super hard on some great music recently and I’ve never been more happy. I can’t wait to share! Superpower was just a warm-up.

How is it being a brand ambassador for the Life is Good Kids Foundation?

The Life is Good Kids Foundation has always been super close to my heart. It’s been a major element of my entire life. The power of optimism is so extremely important. I am honoured to be a part of such an incredible company with such an incredible cause!

What other acting plans do you have for this year?

I’m both executive producing and starring in a project coming very soon! I am extremely excited for what’s to come in 2019!

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