Isaiah C. Morgan


Young actor Isaiah C. Morgan has appeared in screen roles over the last few years with his latest playing Henry Hays in the new series of True Detective premiering in the US on the 13th January. Isaiah has filmed a comedy titled Uncle Ed’s Bucket List which is due to release this year and had its first showing at the Sunscreen Film Festival in 2018. Speaking to us recently, Isaiah talks about his role in True Detective, the release of Uncle Ed’s Bucket List and filming for a horror show.

How excited are you about being part of True Detective?

VERY, that words can’t describe. I was so blessed to be a part of this project.


Is there anything you can say about your character Henry Hays?

Henry is the son of a detective, Wayne Hays. Henry seeks the attention of his father, who’s focused on solving his case. He’s protective of his little sister and loves spending time with his mother.


How was the auditioning process for this role?

The auditioning process for this role came easy to me. I felt I brought this character to life.


When and how did you find out you had booked the part?

I got a call from my agent on a Friday that I had the role and flew out two days later to shoot.


Who did you spend the most time with on set in breaks from filming?

I spent the most time with Kennedi, who plays Becca. Next would be Mahershala Ali and Carmen Ejogo.


Will you be watching the series when it’s released?

Of course, my parts. This isn’t a kids’ show, but my family will be watching for sure.


Can you tell us about the short film The Wolf?

I played the younger version of Richie. Richie was abused as a child by his father. His father is the wolf in his flashbacks. Later, Richie decides to make a stand.


How did you find the experience of filming for Will Gittens’ music video A Day With You?

I was told to just have fun. And I did.


Where did you film for your role in Uncle Ed’s Bucket List?

It was filmed in Los Angeles.


Is there a way to see this production?

Soon. It will be on a digital platform.


You play the role of Young Jason Jean Pierre; how would you describe this character?

Young Jason just lost his parents and his Godfather – Uncle Ed stepped in to raise him. Young Jason is a kid with many questions and a big heart.


This year, you’ll also be appearing in Roads, Trees and Honey Bees; what are you allowed to say about this film?

I had fun shooting this. Can only say, my role is funny.


In 2017, you had a role in Crypt TV: Kinderfänger; how was it filming for a horror show?

It was cool shooting this. There was so much blood and body parts everywhere. It was nice to see how horror shows are done.


Do you find learning your script an easy process?

Very easy.


What are your acting plans for this year?

To continue to work hard and make this year my year with the help of God, my agents, and manager.


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