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Choreographer and dancer Guy Groove has worked on many TV shows including the long-running series Glee and has been a teacher at Abby Lee Dance Company for a number of years. Guy has recently choreographed for Jayden Bartels and works with JoJo Siwa for her music videos and live performances including for her recent trip to the UK. Chatting to us recently, we find out more about Guy’s career as a choreographer, his livestreamed dance classes and his continuing work with JoJo Siwa and Abby Lee Dance Company.

How did you get into choreography?

I have been dancing my whole life but got serious about choreography when I was eighteen years old. Something just happened where I became obsessed with choreographing steps and then routines and then whole pieces of work. I just love it and since I was already dancing it just became another aspect of my passion.

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What do you enjoy most about your work?

What I enjoy most about my work is the process of creating something and then seeing how it turns out on show day. It can be very stressful and sometimes seem impossible but I always make it work out and I have an amazing team.

How long were you involved with Glee?

I worked on Glee for only three episodes, it was early on in my career before I started choreographing professionally; I worked as a dancer. I had an amazing time and even got to work with Kristin Chenoweth!

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What’s it like working on commercials?

I have worked on a lot of commercials and my favourite one to work on was for Google and Android. It was really cool to see how a commercial is really made and what it takes just to make a thirty-second commercial! After working on commercials as an actor, dancer and choreographer, I now see commercials completely different when I’m at home watching television.

How are your livestreamed dance classes going?

My livestream dance classes are going well, I love that I am able to bring dance classes to kids all over the world for FREE! I really just want to spread dance and I think it can make a huge impact on someone’s life to dance or be a dancer!

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How do you choose what songs to perform to for your YouTube channel?

I do so many different styles that I just go with what I’m feeling that day. I usually just do whatever feels good!

How did your work with Dance Moms come about and what was it like filming the show?

I met Abby Lee Miller when she was looking for dance teachers. Abby and I were involved in the same organisation when I was kid so even though she didn’t know me, she knew my dance teacher who is also my godmother. Once Abby hired me to teach at her studio, she really loved my work and gave me the opportunity to showcase my choreography on Dance Moms. Filming the show was pretty stressful; you have the moms arguing, the kids crying, Abby yelling and only a few hours to choreograph a piece that would normally take weeks of rehearsing. I loved working on the show and really respect every single person who I worked with on that show!

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Are you still involved with Abby Lee Dance Company?

I will always be involved with Abby Lee Dance Company and hoping to teach with Abby around the world again soon!

How many classes do you hold per week?

In Los Angeles I hold two open classes a week, Fridays 7:15pm at International Dance Academy and Sundays 12:00pm at Playground LA on Melrose. I also travel the country with Revel Dance Convention as well as host my own classes all over nationally and internationally.

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What can people expect when they attend your dance lessons?

My class is intermediate/advanced level. Mostly we are learning a routine and in the routine we cover lines, footwork, rhythm, musicality, texture grooves and much more. My class is well rounded and can be taken by all ages.

What’s it like working alongside JoJo Siwa?

It has been amazing to watch JoJo’s career evolve from when she was on Dance Moms until now. I love working with JoJo, she is very creative and knows exactly what she wants. I think she is an awesome kid and she works super hard.

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How long does it take for the choreography to come together for her music videos?

Usually for any music video it takes one or two rehearsals and then shoot day. A lot of the work happens on shoot day as well. Since it’s not a live performance we can always watch playback and see what we need to fix during the shoot. I usually take about three to four days to prep for a new video; this includes finding dancers and workshopping the choreography. So in total, I would say it’s at least a week’s worth of work to finish a new music video!

What choreography projects do you have coming up?

I have a few new projects coming up with some big companies, but unfortunately I can’t mention who or speak details yet. Some projects I just finished working on were a music video for Jayden Bartels for her new song Can’t Help Me Now and JoJo Siwa’s latest live performance in the UK at Nickelodeon Slimefest. I have also been teaching a lot overseas and sharing my passion. Have a look at my Instagram if you ever want to check out what I am working on or some things I have worked on!

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