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Priyom Haider has acted in many productions which has seen him work alongside the likes of Johnny Depp and Anthony Gonzalez and has also made an appearance on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’. This year, Priyom was involved with ‘The Late Late Show’ currently hosted by popular British comedian and actor James Corden and has already completed filming for a number of roles with more still to come. Sitting down to answer our questions, the actor tells us about being on the City of Lies movie set, attending the Burbank Film Festival and filming for The Late Late Show.

What was your first professional acting role?

My first professional acting role was in one of my personal projects, the very first comedy one I produced also – called Cheater’s Relief. I produced it to make myself eligible for the Screen Actors Guild.

Were there any actors who inspired you to pursue an acting career?

Yes – there are a few that I consider my Hollywood Heroes. The top three are Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruce Lee and Sylvester Stallone. Among pure actors I also like Marlon Brando, Jack Nicholson, Al Pacino among a few others… you can find the list on my site at

You’ve written a few short films previously, are there plans to do more?

Perhaps in the near future, but I’m looking to do more of the bigger projects like a full feature film or television series.

What was it like on set of City of Lies and how long were you filming?

It was a great long day on City of Lies, connecting with Brad Furman and also getting to watch Johnny Depp work. I got to play around in a boxing ring, in the gym of a police station; first time I ever did that in my career I believe.

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How were you involved in the plot?

I had a small role as one of the boxers in the gym training while Johnny Depp’s character was doing an investigation.

Can you describe your character Pablo in Compton’s Finest in five words?

Pretty Boy Swag Goes Down.

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What was it like filming The Late Late Show with James Corden?

It was EPIC. I believe it was my first national TV full body exposure coming out in my underwear on live TV! HAHA. It was a great day getting to do that segment and also getting to meet James, Neil Patrick Harris and Dave Franco. I’ve worked on Jimmy Kimmel before too so I was not totally unfamiliar with how talk show segments go. But that whole comedy segment will be a great memory for a long time, and I look forward to coming back again too.

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Where’s the furthest you have filmed for a role?

I believe it was for Dreams I Never Had that I filmed the furthest so far in my career, in Chino Hills, California.

Who is your character Adam Sahal in Dreams I Never Had?

Adam Sahal in Dreams I Never Had is the spoiled rich son of the Sahal family. I am ruthless in torturing the enslaved girl with no remorse and my family has no clue about it.

Where did you film for this role?

It was filmed around Chino Hills, and downtown Los Angeles, and Van Nuys, North Hollywood area.

Priyom Dreams I Never Had tbt

How long were you on set for?

I worked on set for about eight days throughout the different locations.

What was the response like to the release?

The response was great! It has several award wins and nominations which include winning Best Feature at San Pedro Festival, Best Feature at Wind Festival, Best Feature Film at Lucky Strike Film Festival and recently, Best Drama Feature at Burbank International Film Festival. It got a screening at AMC theatres for that here too.

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Do you know if there are any future release plans for overseas?

It is currently also on Amazon and iTunes and future international release avenues are being worked on by the producer.

What was it like attending the Burbank International Film Festival?

It was nice going to the Burbank International Film Festival, especially as it was my first time going to it and having it be an AMC exclusive, and meeting a few other celebrities and all that good stuff.

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Do you have any roles coming up that you’re able to tell us about?

I did a movie called Icebox which stars Anthony Gonzales, who is also the star of Coco that won an Oscar for Best Animated Feature. I have a cool gang initiation scene with him. Also, I did my first “Bollywood in Hollywood” role in another movie called The Oval. It is a funny found footage style political movie. We are awaiting further news on their release dates. Other than that, you can keep up with the latest news on my social media, thanks!

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