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11-year-old actor Millie Davis has already had a number of screen roles including Summer in last year’s award-winning feature film Wonder, for which she was directed by Stephen Chbosky and attended the red carpet premiere. Millie has recently reunited with her Wonder co-star Jacob Tremblay, having just finished filming for the future release of Good Boys, and her other upcoming projects include the YouTube Premium sci-fi series Origin. Also on screen, Millie can currently be seen starring in the lead role of Ms O. in the popular children’s series Odd Squad, and she has previously played Gemma Hendrix in Orphan Black. As a voiceover artist, Millie began voicing the role of Esme in the new animated series Esme & Roy last month. Taking time out to answer our questions, Millie talks about playing Summer in Wonder, filming for Odd Squad as Ms. O and her upcoming projects.

You played the role of Summer in the feature film Wonder, what was it like on set and how long were you filming for?

Being on the set of Wonder was amazing because it was always a friendly environment and everyone was really nice. Our director Stephen Chbosky created a safe, fun and kind working environment. My mom and I stayed in Vancouver for about two months to film (but I didn’t film every day)!

Can you tell us about your character and was was she like to play?

Summer is a kind girl in Auggie’s class. When she sees that he is alone and struggling, she makes an effort to be his friend. Summer was a great character to portray because she was so kind and because we should all strive to be a Summer to someone. I believe that Summer and I are similar in the sense that we care about other people and their feelings.

What was the experience like attending the red carpet premiere and how was it seeing the completed film for the first time?

It was great to see everyone again and being on the red carpet was an experience I will never forget. It was a little overwhelming though as people were constantly screaming my name for pictures and interviews! Seeing Wonder for the first time met my expectations and more. It was both funny and sad and I am very proud to be a part of the film.

You have been involved with Odd Squad since it started in 2014, can you tell us about the show and your character Ms. O?

Odd Squad is about an organisation run by kids that solves odd problems using math. My character Ms. O is the boss of the organisation and she gives the agents all of their missions and goes on some herself. She is a strong leader and a character that I’m proud to play.

What is the show like to be part of?

Odd Squad is a great set full of fantastic crew and cast members. I think it teaches important lessons in math and about cooperation and, of course, I also love that the organisation is run by a strong girl!!

Odd Squad has been nominated for and won awards, have you attended any of the ceremonies and how was the experience?

I went to the Canadian Screen Awards which was awesome and I also got to attend the Daytime Emmys where I presented with my co-stars Anna Cathcart and Isaac Kragten. Both events were fun and also a great excuse to get dressed up fancy!!

What was it like filming for TV series Orphan Black?

Filming Orphan Black was a great learning experience. Some of Canada’s best talent worked on the show. Tatiana Maslany played my mom and she was the most caring and giving actor. She set the entire tone for the set due to her hard work and always upbeat personality and I hope to always be like her on sets when I work.

Who is your character Gemma Hendrix?

Gemma is the adopted daughter of one of the clones – Allison – played by Tatiana Maslany. Fun fact – my real-life brother Drew Davis played my TV brother Oscar.

You have filmed for upcoming series Origin, is there anything you can say about it?

Origin is a new really cool Sci-Fi show that will be premiering on YouTube Premium on November 14th. I filmed an episode of the series back in February in South Africa for three weeks.

Have you done any theatre work?

My parents own and run an after school musical theatre school for kids, so I do that program every year. I was also in a musical called Echoes, which was in the Toronto Fringe Festival a couple of years ago.

How did you get into acting and what do you remember from your first role?

I have always been around singing, dancing and acting because of my parents’ musical theatre school. As well, my brother started before me and when I saw him work, I wanted to try it for myself. My first role was in a movie called A Dark Truth and I remember running through a forest in the Dominican Republic.

How often are you on set filming for a project?

It really depends on what I’m working on. There are weeks I film all week and other weeks where I’m not working at all and I just focus on school, friends and family!

You attended the CCA Retreat 2018 event with some of your fellow cast members from Wonder, can you tell us about this?

I attended the CCA Retreat with Elle (McKinnon) and Jacob (Tremblay) from Wonder. We were there for four days in Salt Lake City, Utah. The retreat changed me a lot. I got to meet so many brave and wonderful kids. We really are all the same on the inside and it reminded me to never judge people before getting to know them. The kids there loved to do the same things as me! We swam, got our faces painted and danced the night away!

Do you have any similar events you will be attending this year?

I’m really proud to be involved with the organisation Me to We and I will be doing some events with them this year. The Make-A-Wish Foundation is also dear to my heart after being involved with a wish for a young boy a couple of years ago. I’m going to be hosting one of their events coming up soon. And I DEFINITELY plan on attending the CCA Retreat in 2019 so I can reunite with all the wonderful families I met.

Do you have any projects coming up that you will be working on?

I have a voice series called Esme & Roy (Sesame and HBO) that just began airing. I’m still finishing some work on that. I have also just wrapped shooting another feature with Jacob Tremblay called Good Boys (but this one is for adults!!!). It comes out next August. That’s all that is lined up for now, but the life of an actor can change overnight!!

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