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Most recently on screen, child actor Somali Rose guest-starred as Power in an episode of Raven’s Home for Disney and worked alongside a cast including Zooey Deschanel in Series 7 of New Girl. In 2017, Somali appeared in Access Hollywood, playing the role of Oscar-winning actor Halle Berry as a young child, and she has been involved with A Little Advice with Noelle Lara for four years. Amongst her other projects, Somali also has voiceover experience, having voiced Daisy in the Nickelodeon series The Adventures of Kid Danger for an episode. Answering our questions, Somali tells us about guest-starring in Disney’s Raven’s Home as Power, filming for New Girl and working on A Little Advice with Noelle Lara.

What did you enjoy most about playing Power in Disney series Raven’s Home and how long were you on set for?

I really enjoyed playing Power because it’s the first time I had that much dialogue in a show. I love shows where I get to say stuff and interact with the whole cast because that’s when I feel like I’m really acting. I love telling people stories. We shot for a week and when I left, I was really sad. I made a lot of friends on set, but I still keep in touch with some of them.

How was your character involved in the storyline?

Power is a very mischievous little girl who acts like a sweetheart when she’s around adults, but she’s a terror when she’s around the other kids. She gets lost because the main characters, who are supposed to be watching her, are too involved in watching TV to find her. They actually think she’s been abducted by a character from one of their shows. It’s too funny!

Did you know much about the show and Raven-Symoné before being cast?

I did! I watch that show all the time because I’m a huge Navia Robinson fan, so you can imagine how excited I was to get a part on there!

What was it like on set of New Girl and how long were you filming your role?

This was a two-day shoot. I didn’t know a lot about the show at first because it’s more for grown ups, but when I got the part, my mom had me watch a couple of episodes. I really like how all of these friends sort of made a family for themselves. The cast were very sweet and it was fun to be on set with Zooey Deschanel!

You have previously worked on short films, how different do you find the experience filming them opposed to TV series?

Short dramas call for a different kind of acting than comedic TV series roles so I have to get my mind right to do those types of roles. Sometimes I get emotionally attached to the characters that I play, especially those who are in some sort of emotional pain and I have to remember that I am not them, I’m just trying to tell their story. My mom helps me with that.

Can you tell us about filming for Access Hollywood when you played Toddler Halle Berry?

Playing Halle Berry was AMAZING. She is a legendary, Oscar-winning actress!… the first to win an Oscar!… Tricia Messeroux, the founder of Toddlewood has an incredible vision and I wanted to participate in that. Her glam team did our hair and makeup and dressed us in incredible gowns. Everyone commented on how much I looked like her when she wore that big halo of hair to the Oscars. My mom had me do a little research on Halle Berry and I learned so much about who she is and the roles she’s played and how empowering she is for women of colour around the world. I was honoured to be chosen and I hope I made her as proud of me as I am of her.

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📷 : Tamara Tihanyi

You voiced the role of Daisy in The Adventures of Kid Danger for Nickelodeon, what was this like to do?

Recording Daisy was such a great experience. Being at Nickelodeon was pretty cool. It’s set up like a kid’s dream come true. The booth technicians were all very kind and patient with me. They gave me good information about booth etiquette. I loved that role because Daisy looks just like me with two puffball ponytails and all! I absolutely LOVE voiceover!!!

Have you always wanted to get into acting?

Ever since I can remember, I remember telling my mom I wanted to be on TV. I would remember all the lines from my favourite shows and use my dolls to act them out. I’m only eight though so I kind of want to be a lot of things, including a veterinarian and a ballet dancer and have my own store! Who knows, maybe I can be everything!

How did your career start?

My career started because my brother was a model and I would have to go to all of his castings with him and one day a casting director asked my mom while we were in the waiting room if I could try out for a Walmart job and I booked it!

Can you tell us about being involved with A Little Advice?

I’ve been doing A Little Advice with comedienne Noelle Lara for four years now and she is sincerely one of the funniest women I know. I learned a lot of improv working with her at UCB (Upright Citizens Brigade) which has helped me to be fast on my feet in improv situations. Doing that show live is killer because the audience feeds off of your enthusiasm and you feed off of theirs.

Where has been the furthest from home that you’ve filmed?

I’ve not gone very far from home until now. I’m working on a project now in Atlanta which is pretty far from California so that’s the furthest I’ve filmed!

Do you have any roles coming up in the next few months?

I do and I can’t wait to share it with you guys, when the time is right! Thank you for this opportunity.

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