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British gymnast Amelie Morgan made history at this year’s European Championships being the first GB Junior girl to have won five medals including silver on All-Around and Beam. She has recently been starring in CBBC’s new TV programme Gym Stars alongside fellow gymnasts where they get to show their skills and competition training. Speaking to Amelie after her success at the Junior European Championships, she tells us about making history, appearing on Gym Stars and her upcoming move to senior level.

How did you find your time at the European Championships last month?

European Championships was so much fun, we had a really great team and all get on so well. We had spent three solid weeks together at prep camps and really bonded as a group. The actual competition went so well for all of us as we managed to compete sixteen routines without any falls and won Team Bronze. I had one of my best competitions and came away with Silver All-Around and managed to qualify and medal in three apparatus finals. All in all it was a great weekend and it was lovely to meet lots of the gymnasts from all over Europe.

Did you get chance to watch the senior team compete?

Yes, we all watched the seniors compete, it was so amazing to get to watch so many world class gymnasts. The Team GB girls had a bit of a rocky start on beam but managed to pull out some amazing routines on all their other pieces making a strong finish, it was really exciting to watch.


How does it feel having made history with your medal wins?

It’s quite strange to hear I’ve made history, I didn’t have any expectation of medalling at this competition, so it was an amazing feeling to know I have done so well.

What has the support been like since your success at the Europeans?

Training at The Academy, I am supported by so many coaches, fitness instructors, dance tutors and, of course, all my teammates. I am so grateful to all the hard work everyone puts in to get us to the level we need to be, the support they give makes a huge difference.


Are you currently training for any competitions?

We have British teams in a few weeks and so we are all still in routines at the moment. I am also hoping to be selected to compete at the Youth Olympics in Argentina.

What was your first competition for Team GB?

My first ever International competition was Olympic Hopes in Czech Republic in 2016, where we won Team Silver and individually AA Silver too.

Where’s the furthest you’ve travelled for a competition?

I think the furthest I have travelled to for a competition is Baku in Azerbaijan for the Youth Olympics qualifier last June.


How much training do you have in a typical week?

My hours vary but I usually train every day between four to seven hours a day, but our training is quite varied, we work a lot on our fitness, strength, rehab and conditioning as this is a good way to prevent injury plus we do a fair amount of dance which really helps with the artistic side of gymnastics.

You are one of the stars of CBBC’s new gymnastics series Gym Stars, what’s it like to film?

It was fun to film for Gym Stars, at first I felt a bit uncomfortable in front of the cameras but I soon got used to it and now we pretty much forget they are there. I didn’t realise how many people would watch the show but the amount of lovely messages from Gym Stars viewers I receive is such an overwhelming feeling.

Would you like to do another show like this?

Our training schedule is pretty intense so we wouldn’t have much time, but I would love to if there was another opportunity because I think it is such a good experience.


Next year, you will be moving from junior to senior level, how do you think you’ll find the transition?

I think the transition from junior to senior is always quite tough, but I trust in my coaches and think as long as I continue to work hard I will hopefully be able to spend some time over the winter upgrading which will put me in the mix next year.

What major competitions are you aiming for at senior level?

Apart from British Championships, I would love to get to compete in a World Cup next year, but as a first year senior I know it’s not always possible to get selected.


Was there anything that encouraged you to get into gymnastics?

I think because I’m a twin I am naturally quite competitive, my brother and I were always quite full of energy so gymnastics was a good way to keep us both busy and out of trouble.

Have you been given any advice that has stuck with you through your career so far?

I think just to work hard and if you fail, never give up, it’s a tough sport and it takes lots of time and determination.

What advice would you give to young people wanting to get into gymnastics?

Trust your coaches, they really do know what’s best for you and no matter what, make sure you are always enjoying what you do.

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