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After Emily Peachey made an appearance in movie thriller Abduction starring Taylor Lautner, she went on to film the role of Monica in the John Green adaptation The Fault In Our Stars. Since playing Monica, Emily has had many roles and has recently filmed as the lead character in upcoming horror production Tar. Emily told us recently about appearing in The Fault In Our Stars, working with Ewan McGregor and what it was like filming for Awkward.

What age were you when you started acting?

I was bitten by the acting bug when I started taking theatre classes in middle school. However, I had no idea how to pursue it professionally and didn’t start booking acting work until late high school.

Had you always wanted to act?

I always loved movies and watching actors and actresses perform; however, I was a very shy kid and didn’t want to pursue it myself until my teen years when I started to break out of my shell.

How long were you filming your role of Monica in The Fault in our Stars?

The movie itself filmed for several weeks, however, I was on set a few days.

Did you get to see the finished production before it appeared in cinemas worldwide?

I did! I was able to attend the world premiere in New York City, which was one of the most amazing experiences of my life, and also the local premiere in Pittsburgh where the movie was shot.

What was it like appearing in the film American Pastoral with Ewan McGregor as director?

It was unreal. I have always been a fan and think he is amazingly talented. After filming with him, I gained even more respect for him. He was doing so many jobs on set and doing them all so well that I learned so much from him. It’s really hard to act and direct a movie at the same time and he did such an incredible job with it.

How did you find filming with Holly Hunter in Strange Weather?

She is one of my acting idols and it was surreal getting to work with her. She’s so talented and down to earth and made me feel so comfortable while filming.

We’ve heard you were a stand-in for the film He’s Just Not That Into You, what did this involve?

A stand-in is just a placeholder for the lead actor so the crew can set up the shot, lights, etc. I was Scarlett Johansson’s stand-in which was awesome, because I love her. It was one of my first times being on a set and it was while standing-in that I decided I wanted to pursue an acting career and be on sets all the time.

How did you get your part in the film Abduction and what did your filming include?

I auditioned for the role and I wanted it so badly because I was such a huge Twilight fan and Taylor Lautner was the lead. I had an actual freak-out when I heard I got the role. My lines were against Taylor and I actually had to kick him out of my house in the movie, which is funny because I am such a fan.

What was it like on set of the popular MTV series Awkward?

It was great! It was a really popular show, especially for my demographic and one that I had watched many times prior to being on it. It was so cool seeing myself in a show that I watch.

Is there anything you can tell us about upcoming film Tar?

It stars Golden Globe Nominee Timothy Bottoms and Oscar Nominee Graham Green and is a thriller/horror film. I play the lead that’s up against danger in the LaBrea Tar Pits.

How long were you filming?

I filmed about three months total.

Are you currently working on any projects that you can tell us about, if so, do you know when the productions will be released?

I am currently filming a feature film as well as a skit for Funny or Die and they will be out late this year and early next year.

Do you have other roles you will be filming this year?

I am going to start filming another project in the next couple of months.

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