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Making his professional acting debut a few years ago, Cory Gruter-Andrew could be seen playing the role of Aden in TV series The 100 in 2016. This year, Cory portrays Curtis Farraday in the mystery-thriller Summer of ’84 and also appears on screens around the world as Cole in popular TV series Anne with an E. Catching up with Cory recently, we talk to him about appearing in Summer of ’84, playing Cole in Anne with an E and being directed by Giancarlo Esposito.

You play Cole Mackenzie in Anne with an E, can you tell us about your character?

Cole is a sweet, sensitive kid who loves to create art, for the longest time he was in the background of the classroom, just not being noticed; but that all changed after he grew over the harvest season.

What’s it like on set of the award-winning series?

It was amazing, the way the crew works together is so fascinating, everyone has a job and they paid attention to every detail.

What has the response from viewers been like to the second season?

The response has been overwhelming in the best way, there’s so much love for the show and the fans are just great.

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📷 : Andrew Miguel Antonio

The show is set on Prince Edward Island, is it all filmed on location and how long are you there filming?

We shoot the show in Toronto, Ontario where there is a farmhouse in the countryside that they use for Green Gables – and the school house is a quick fifty second walk away!

When did you find out you had booked the role of Cole?

Well, my agent called me while I was sitting out on the back porch of my house and she gave me the good news and I was just so happy! I was jumping around like a five year old would after their parents get them ice cream.

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📷 : Andrew Miguel Antonio

What was it like filming the horror film Summer of ’84 alongside the rest of the cast?

It was so awesome, the cast were almost all the same age as me and we really got along, and a team of directors is something you don’t see too often, and seeing them work perfectly together is very rare.

Is there anything you can tell us about your character Curtis Farraday?

Farraday is totally the “nerdy one” of the four boys, he’s more uptight than the others, but that’s because his parents were scholars.

How was the experience filming as Aden in Sci-Fi drama The 100?

It was so great, I was a fan of the show before I even got the offer to audition for it, so I was sooo excited when I got the role and got to work with the wonderful cast of the show.

How was your character involved with the plot?

Aden was expected to take over Lexa’s rule over the clans, when the time came, because he was the most promising nightblood of the group. That didn’t work out too well for Aden.

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📷 : Andrew Miguel Antonio

We heard you shaved your head to play the character Elliot in The Show, can you tell us more about this role?

Elliot Robins was diagnosed with leukaemia and was a patient of one of the main characters played by Sarah Wayne-Callies. The make-up artists did such a good job that some of the crew were worried I was genuinely ill.

How was it having Giancarlo Esposito as director and producer?

He is just the nicest guy you’ll ever meet, the crew loved him so much that on the last day of shooting they all wore “El pollo loco” shirts in reference to his character Gus in Breaking Bad.

Have you had to learn new skills for any of your roles?

On AnnE I had to learn to braid hair for the scene in which Cole braids Anne’s hair, and I practiced on my six year old cousin, who was very patient.

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📷 : Andrew Miguel Antonio

What age were you when you booked your first professional role?

When I got my first role I think I was about thirteen and a half-ish.

Had you always been interested in acting?

No! In fact, I had stage fright for the longest time, I think until I was about twelve years old.

Have you attended any film festivals?

Yes! I was at Sundance 2018. Amazing experience.

Do you have any future projects you’ll be working on soon that you’re able to tell us about?


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