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Actor and writer Bernard Robichaud is well-known for his role as Cyrus in comedy-crime series Trailer Park Boys and has also appeared as Bobby Sr in the 2017 TV movie Sea Change. Among his many roles as an actor, Bernard has starred alongside the late Corey Haim in thriller The Hostage Game and is currently working on a few new productions including Vizions of Rock and To Avenge. Recently, Bernard told us about appearing in Trailer Park Boys, acting alongside the late Corey Haim and his upcoming productions.

How would you describe your character Cyrus in TV/web series Trailer Park Boys?

He is a gun-toting, drug dealing instigator, with little education, while he still maintains a soft heart.

What’s it like on set of the show?

It’s a great team with a lot of talent, so it’s exciting, never a dull moment.

Do you film episodes in chronological order?


How long were you filming your role of Bobby Sr. in the TV movie Sea Change and where did filming take place?

The filming took a couple of weeks, but only a few days for me. We filmed in Chester, Nova Scotia.

How was it acting alongside and being on set with the late Corey Haim in The Hostage Game?

Corey was a great guy, very giving, and inquisitive and I felt like a big brother to him in many ways. On set he was a true professional. I will miss him and his smile. I still have his mother in my life.

In this film, you co-starred as Bob Ferland, do you remember how long you were on set for?

Two weeks.

Is there anything you can tell us about the productions To Avenge and Vizions of Rock?

Vizions of Rock is based on a house band that made it to the big time, based on a true story; it’s a rock comedy, mockumentary.

To Avenge is a thriller based on the parallels of the #MeToo movement.

That’s all I want to say about these without giving away too much.

How did your acting career come about?

A modelling agent in Toronto told me I was missing my calling so I auditioned for the theatre arts program at Dalhousie University where I was told I’d never be an actor but they’d accept me, so I enrolled. I started working as a professional two years earlier than the rest of my classmates after being given the role in a radio drama playing the voices of Robert/Becky.

We understand you’ve written Kitchen Sports, can you tell us more about this?

It’s a play I wrote based on my life as a young competitive athlete growing up in a dysfunctional family with an alcoholic father. A boy looking for his father’s approval and love yet trying to make his own way.

You also tour with your own stand-up comedy act, is there a theme to your shows?

Originally I wrote what was my life and twisted it a little to fit the character of Cyrus but that became much like a cartoon and one man show. I’ve since been reformatting the work to reflect my life experiences and refrain from being Cyrus.

Do you have any stand-up comedy tours coming up?

Not at the moment, just Comic Cons.

Are there any other writing projects that you’re currently working on?

No other writing at the moment, it seems writing comedy is ever evolving.

As an avid golfer, how often do you get chance to play?

LOL, as often as possible.

Can you tell us about your charity work with Prostate Cancer Canada?

I just started as an ambassador with Prostate Cancer Canada so I’m very much looking forward to doing what I can to save lives by spreading awareness whenever and wherever possible.

Do you have any current or upcoming acting roles you can say about?

I’m working on something new with the Trailer Park Boys, and another web series called Hard Times which has recently gained interest from a broadcaster; I’ll not reveal at this time as I don’t want to jinx it.

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