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Meeting on last year’s Got What It Takes as contestants, Jorja Douglas, Kyra West and Ellie Allen have now got together and formed a group. Being asked to perform at this year’s Got What It Takes final, their group, SGR, enjoyed their first performance in front of a studio audience and then aired on CBBC. Recently answering our questions, we find out about returning to the show, how the group came about and where you can see them later this year.

SGR formed earlier this year, what’s the response been like so far to the group?

So far, all the responses have been positive to the group and we’re all really excited.

Can you describe your music style?

Our music style is mainly current pop with an RnB flavour. We try to stay true to our musical roots.

You all met on Series 2 of CBBC’s Got What It Takes, did you know each other before appearing on the show?

No, we didn’t know each other before appearing on CBBC’s Got What It Takes.

Whose idea was it to put the group together?

Our mums gave us the idea of getting together because we always used to sing songs together working out harmonies.

How did you come up with the name SGR?

It was difficult to come up with a name as it seemed like everything was already taken. We decided on SGR, pronounced Sugar, but took the vowels out to make it more unique.

How would each member be described?

Kyra is the baby who’s always smiling, Jorja is always tired. Even though Kyra dances for a crew, Ellie has been dancing the longest. We’re different but we’re all similar, we know what each other’s thinking half of the time.

Do you all live local to each other and how often do you get together to rehearse?

No. We live about two hours from each other. It depends on our commitments, but we usually meet up and rehearse during the holidays or sometimes on the weekends if we have a performance coming up or studio work.

How do you decide what songs to perform as a group?

When looking for songs to sing, we normally go for ones with lots of different harmonies, so we can work together and blend our voices. We also try and change them up if they’re covers and add our stamp to it but usually along the style of music we like to listen to.

What was your first live performance as SGR?

We recently performed on CBBC’s Got What It Takes during the grand final. It was a great experience, we had so much fun. Being on set brought back so many memories – that’s where we met!

How did it feel to be asked to perform on the Got What It Takes Series 3 final?

We felt honoured because anyone could have been asked to come back and they asked us. It also shows others who may want to take part that if you work hard this is what you can achieve.

When can we expect to hear original music and are you currently working on a studio release?

We are currently working on new material, so you can expect to hear some original music very soon. We have lots of exciting projects we’ll be working on over the summer and hope to release something in the autumn.

Which groups or artists inspire you?

This is quite hard because there so many talented artists who we like out there… but if we really had to pick, then maybe Destiny’s Child – their music, dancing and unique style really influenced us. We feel like we are a modern take of Destiny’s Child.

What’s the last concert you’ve each seen live?

We went to Radio 1’s Teen Awards last year – that was fun because we went together. It was also cool because a lot of the people there watched Series 2 of Got What It Takes so they recognised us and were really friendly. We saw Rita Ora, Dua Lipa and other acts.

What are SGR’s plans for this year?

We have lots of exciting things coming up, for example we’re performing at CBBC’s three-day Summer Social in August alongside HRVY, Matt Terry, Mackenzie Ziegler, Union J, Bars and Melody and other acts; we also have some projects that we’re going to be working on in the studio when school’s out and we’re shooting a video for our EP – lots of exciting opportunities and hard work.

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