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Singer-songwriter Marley Blandford has been releasing original music for a number of years and is due to support Peter Andre in Southampton on 7th July 2018. A regular performer at festivals, the talented musician has already been booked for a couple in Portsmouth later this year and is preparing for his shows this month on The Coffee Beans Tour with Danny Gruff. Talking to Marley recently, we chat about his upcoming May tour, performing at Portsmouth Guildhall and O2 Academy Islington and his musical collaborations with Deltiimo and Janet Devlin.

If you weren’t a singer-songwriter, do you think you’d still have a job in the music industry?

For sure! Or at least I’d hope that I’d be doing something music related. I often do session work – singing, playing piano and guitar for other people in studios and on stage, so I think I’d probably be doing that!


Can you remember when and where you played your first ever gig?

I can indeed – I was playing drums for my first ever band “Fake Shadows”, a little folk-rock four piece with some childhood friends. I think I was fourteen, we were awful haha! It was real good fun once I shrugged off the nervous feeling. My first ever show by myself was in 2012 at a place called The RMA in Portsmouth, and all my friends showed up. That was another level of nerves for my first time singing.


What musicians inspire you?

There’s way too many to name, but if I had to pick a handful – Jack Johnson, Jason Mraz, Matt Cardle, Ben Howard, John Mayer, Cas Haley, Coldplay, Bruno Mars, Sting (and The Police), etc.


How are you preparing for your May shows?

Writing new tracks and rehearsing mostly to make sure all the songs are up to scratch. Nothing exciting at all haha, the shows will be the fun part!

Supporting Lucy Spraggan

Have you already decided on the set-list?

I have about an hour of tracks which I’ll be picking from at the shows, I’ll be mixing it up a little each night.


What were your recent shows like at Portsmouth Guildhall and O2 Academy Islington?

Great, great fun! Two truly awesome venues and the support at recent shows has been lovely too. So many familiar faces at both of these shows. There’s something about playing big places like these too, all the people I love that have played there in the past, it’s a real cool feeling.


What has the response been on the support tours?

Really nice actually, people always grabbing CDs and letting me know what they thought of the music. I love meeting new people, so it’s even better when people have come back to see me play after they saw me open a show for someone else.


How do you feel about opening the show for Peter Andre in Southampton?

I’m real excited about this one. He’s such a lovely guy too, I’m pretty stoked to land a show opening for him!


Can you tell us about On My Own Again, and how you got involved with Deltiimo?

Yes, a bit of a different venture for me. I’ve always loved EDM and house, full of energy for bike rides, nights out, etc. but it’s never been something I’ve attempted to do myself. Deltiimo approached me for a collaboration, I was on board straight away. A couple of days in studio and we came out with this track, which has recently hit 100,000 plays on Spotify too!

Forest 2

How did the track, Hiraeth, written with Janet Devlin come about?

I met Janet when I supported her in 2016, we met up in 2017 and had little writing sessions and this song came from that. We had lyrical ideas and we both loved the word “Hiraeth” and the idea of it. It’s a Welsh word – a feeling of homesickness or nostalgia for a home/place that you cannot return to, or one that may have not even existed in the first place. We managed to write this one in one afternoon. It was a real pleasure, I’ve always loved Janet’s music so it was brilliant to be able to work with her.


Will you be uploading any more covers soon?

Funny you should ask, I’m going to be releasing a little cover of “Roxanne” by The Police. It will be live in May, you’ll be able to catch it here –


Have you got any plans to release another EP?

Indeed I have – once the tour is done and I’ve got a bit more free time, I’ll be straight in the studio for my next release!


Are there plans for a headline tour?

There’s nothing as of yet, but I’d love to be able to do this sometime. Fingers crossed.


Will you be performing at any festivals this year?

There’s a few bits booked in that I’m not allowed to announce just yet, but I can announce that I’ll be playing Charmed Life Festival at Victoria Park, Portsmouth and Victorious Festival on the seafront of Portsmouth too alongside the likes of Paul Weller, Paloma Faith, Kaiser Chiefs and many more – I can’t wait for this one!


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