George Pelham


London-based singer-songwriter George Pelham has just released his acoustic track ‘Someone To Love Again’ on YouTube. He recently returned to the O2 Lounge to perform a live set before the Harry Styles show at the O2 Arena, and is regularly seen gigging around London. It appears George is currently in America writing and recording new music which we can hopefully hear in the near future. Before flying out, we chatted to him about his latest YouTube release, the response so far to the video and whether we can expect an EP or album soon.

Have you always wanted to be a musician, and how did your career start?

Well, I’ve always loved music but didn’t really think I was going to be a musician to be honest until I was about nineteen, when I entered this singing competition and just got really into performing and writing songs from there!


Where do you get inspiration from for your songwriting?

Just whatever is happening to me at that moment – relationships or just life in general.


Would you like to write songs for other artists?

I wouldn’t rule it out – I have done a few times in the past and I love writing songs so why not?


How long have you been playing the guitar?

Since I was seven or eight – probably spent a few too many hours on it growing up.


What’s been the response to your new track, Someone To Love Again?

It seems to have been alright! It’s just an acoustic video for now so the full production will come later but I hope people are into it – it’s about two years old so it’s nice to have released it in some capacity.


Where did you film the video and were you able to film it in one take?

I filmed it at the Roundhouse and yes we did it in one – sometimes you’ve got to go old school.


Are you currently working on new music?

Yes, lots of writing and recording – watch this space…


Have you had any shows recently and how have they gone?

Yes, always playing gigs around London mainly – they’ve gone alright yeah!


Do you have any shows planned?

I’m playing a little acoustic set at The Great Escape I think – but other than that you’ll have to watch this space as well…


Are you attending any festivals this year either as a fan or an artist?

I think I might be going to watch Radio 1 Big Weekend, but none planned other than that one – Barn on the Farm would be fun…


Have you performed outside of the UK, if not, do you have plans to do so?

You know what, I don’t think I’ve ever done a proper gig outside of the UK, how weird is that… 100% I’d love to.


What was it like playing in the O2 lounge before Harry Styles and have you done it before?

It was pretty relaxed, I’ve done that gig a few times before yeah.


Who would your dream tour be with?

Good question – Bruno Mars would be great fun, but if the artist doesn’t still have to be alive then probably Prince – I’m slightly obsessed with him.


Can people expect an EP or album release at some point in the future?

You certainly can – watch this space… thanks for the interview!


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