Ashley Gerasimovich

📷 : Michael Creagh

In the popular American sitcom The Detour, Ashley Gerasimovich stars as Delilah Parker across all episodes, with Series 3 having just aired on screens in the US. Amongst Ashley’s other projects, she played Celia in the 2011 feature film We Need to Talk About Kevin alongside Ezra Miller, Tilda Swinton and John C. Reilly for one of her first major screen roles, which saw her attend the premiere at the Toronto Film Festival. We find out from Ashley about starring as Delilah Parker in The Detour, her experience so far filming for a long-running series and her time on set of We Need to Talk About Kevin.

Can you tell us about US comedy series The Detour and do you know if there’s a way to watch it in the UK?

It really depends on the season. Season 1 is basically about The Parkers going on a road trip from Syracuse to Fort Lauderdale, Season 2 is when The Parkers move to New York City, and Season 3 is when our family goes on the run in Alaska. Tune in to see why all this happens!

I hope they’re getting it to the UK! There are ways to watch it that’s not on screen, such as the TBS app and Hulu. I hope people in the UK are able to watch it, they would love it!

What’s it like being in the main cast of a long-running TV show?

Being a series regular on a show, and working with the same cast, is so fun! It’s really nice knowing that when I say goodbye to them after a season, it’s not going to be forever and I have so much fun with this cast!

You play the role of Delilah Parker, can you tell us about her and what is she like to play?

Delilah is the “smart one” in the family. She’s always quick with a salty comeback, and isn’t afraid to tell people what she thinks. She does have a quirky side, and is extremely protective of her brother. And her fashion sense is always on point! Delilah is really fun to portray, I think mainly because we’re similar, yet different. It’s also interesting to play as someone I’m not and get away with things I can’t get away with in real life.

Do you have any similar traits to your character?

Yes, I do! Delilah and I are both super sarcastic and smart. We also have a weird side that can show its face at anytime! I think this role has had an impact on my personality in real life as well.

Could you tell it was going to be a popular series when you first read the script?

When I first read the script, I thought the show was really funny! I laughed out loud a lot, and I really did think it would become a success and people would love it.

What locations is the series filmed in and how long are you usually on set for?

It was different every season! In Season 1, we filmed in Atlanta, which I absolutely loved. In Season 2, we filmed in New York City, which was right near my house, so I got to sleep in my own bed! In Season 3, we filmed in Canada, which was such an amazing, new experience for me! I’m usually on set for about three months as we film the show. So about nine months throughout all three seasons.

What would you say is the most fun part about filming the show?

I think the most fun part about filming the show is that I get to see the whole thing come together in the end. I love watching it when it comes out, and seeing so many people’s excited reactions to the show.

How would you describe The Detour in five words?

Dysfunctional family holding it together.

📷 : Michael Creagh

You played Celia in the multi award-winning film We Need To Talk About Kevin in 2011, what do you remember from filming this role?

I can remember that everyone in the cast and crew were so nice! That film set the groundwork for my love of acting! Ezra Miller, who played Kevin, was the greatest! I think I hung out with him the most. Also, Tilda Swinton got me a life-sized black poodle when the filming was over. John C. Reilly was so fun too! I won’t ever forget that experience.

Did you get chance to attend the premiere and how was the experience?

There was a premiere of We Need To Talk About Kevin at the Toronto Film Festival and my parents brought me so I could attend, it was so fun! When they introduced Ezra (Kevin) on stage, he came out with me and he gave me a piggyback ride onto the stage in front of the whole audience! It was such a great experience!

How different do you find the process of filming movies opposed to TV shows?

Movies are a one-time thing. It lasts longer, but after it’s done, it’s done. Kind of like an actual movie! With a TV show, the experience is shorter, but we get to go back and film again with the same people as the TV show gets picked up season after season.

Both The Detour and We Need To Talk About Kevin have been nominated for awards, have you been able to attend any award ceremonies throughout your career?

Not yet, but I really hope to one day!

What was the last film you saw?

The last movie I saw was Black Panther. I absolutely loved it, being the Marvel nerd I am! I’m super excited for Infinity War as well! It’s going to be so great!

Is there an actor who you would most like to star alongside on a project?

I would love to work with Chris Pratt. He’s a super cool actor and my little sister Erin has worked with him, so I heard how much of a down-to-earth and nice guy he is as well.

What are your acting plans for the remainder of the year?

I’m auditioning and excited to see what my next opportunity will be. Stay tuned!

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