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At fifteen years old, Aliyah Moulden appeared on Season Twelve of The Voice in America where she became the youngest contestant to reach the final and is due to release her first single since the show later this year. Already appearing in the Brat series Chicken Girls, Aliyah will soon be seen as Bliss in the Netflix Original movie Anastasia, which is set for release in 2018. Talking to us recently, we find out from Aliyah about appearing in Anastasia alongside Emily Carey and Amiah Miller, her experience on The Voice and her continuing music career.

Have you always been interested in acting and singing?

I’ve loved singing since I can remember. At age three, I would have my mom and grandma sit for hours to listen to my singing. I feel like singing is such a huge part of my life. I sang everyday, and everywhere. I believe that when I sing I can share my feelings and ideas. I feel I reach people with my voice and song lyrics. My acting came at a later age. I started acting at age ten. I love acting. The acting set is such a small community of people. I call it my “acting family”. I spend hours and days filming with my acting family. During filming, I get to know people and I get to create relationships that go beyond the filming. Each day I learn something new about the craft. I get to express my inner feelings in different acting situations. I truly feel blessed to be able to do what I love.

How was your time on The Voice?

My time at The Voice was surreal. Now when I watch the videos, I feel like that is not me. The Voice provided me with a unique experience to stand on my own and just do my best. Every day was an opportunity to grow and reach higher levels of professionalism to become a true entertainer.

Had you always hoped Blake Shelton would turn?

Yes, I always hoped Blake Shelton would turn after my audition. When I started the audition, I felt such a pressure for one of the judges to turn. When Blake Shelton turned around for me, I felt such a relief and joy. His smile and positive energy gave me a lot of excitement and support to continue finish my song. It gave me a charge to finish my performance with confidence. I was totally overjoyed to meet him, and spend time with him throughout the show.

What opportunities do you feel being on the show has given you?

I am so thankful for the opportunities that I have received because of being on the show. As soon as I finished, I got the role of Bliss for the feature film Anastasia. I got the opportunity to work with such a talented cast. I absolutely loved working with Emily Carey as Anastasia, from the film Wonder Woman, and Amiah Miller as Megan, from the film Planet of the Apes. The film will premiere Summer 2018. Also, I am a cast member of Brat, Chicken Girls. I play Luna from Powersurge girls. I am really thankful of the opportunity to work with talented teenagers. Also, I performed at several private conventions in different states throughout the nation.

What was your first acting job?

My first acting job was the short film Confined. In this short film I get to play the role of Chandra. It is a suspense film about a group of kids that participate at Take your Kid to Work Day. I play a very mean and self-centered girl who tries to be nice; but fails every time. The film ends with a shocking surprise.

How did you get the role of Bliss in 2018’s Anastasia?

My agent Stella from The Savage Agency knew about the project and spoke to the producer. I had a meeting through Skype with the movie producer and we both were excited about the project. Everything followed after that.

What can you tell us about your character?

I love the character. Bliss is a talented singer who meets Anastasia and Megan. The three of them go on an adventure. I believe the audience will love the relationship of these characters.

What was it like acting alongside the other cast members?

It was so much fun to work with the other cast members. I really had an amazing time. Emily and Amiah are so sweet, talented and professional. I simply had the best time ever working with them.

Final with NAME

Had you met any of them before?

No, I had not met any of them before. When I arrived in Kentucky, where we filmed, I was so excited to meet them. We spent a good few days together. I also got to celebrate my fifteenth birthday with them. They made it a very special time. Every day was great experience.

Are you able to tell us when we can expect to see it on Netflix?

I don’t have a definite date when the movie will be on Netflix. My belief is that it will come out Summer 2018. I was told there will be a limited distribution in theaters. After that it will be on Netflix.

What is it like on set of Chicken Girls?

The set of Chicken Girls is so much fun. I came into production Season One, Episode Six. The first day I was there, everyone was welcoming and very friendly. The producers and the crew are all so nice and helpful. The filming goes by so fast. I have a great time filming every time.

Do you have any other roles coming up that you can tell us about?

Yes, I have an Amazon project coming up. I film this project in April. I have not received the breakdown of the character at this time, but I believe it is a superhero. That should be really interesting to do. I have never seen myself as a superhero.

Would you ever consider going into musical theatre?

I love musical theatre. It is my goal to do a Broadway show one of these days. I tried to do theatre when in high school; but that’s when I started The Voice, and because of my schedule I was not able to do it.

How did you get to be the opening act for Jesse McCartney’s after party and what was the experience like?

That was an awesome experience. My vocal coach, Shaun Royer, knew the person in charge of the event. Both of them thought that this was a good opportunity for me. It was a great opportunity. I sang two songs for the after party guests. After my performance I got to meet Jesse McCartney. Jesse is super talented, and I am so thankful I got the opportunity to open up for him.

Did you have fun filming the duet with Mackenzie Sol?

Yes, it was super fun filming with Mackenzie. Mackenzie selected the perfect song. He and the crew selected the location. I loved that it was at the beach. I enjoyed the rooftop scenes a lot. I am really happy that he and I recorded Like I’m Gonna Lose You. He is a very talented singer, I am very fortunate that we did the duet.

Will you be releasing any music this year?

Yes, and I am super excited about it. It is my first music release after The Voice, it will be a new single. It is a mix of pop and R&B. The storyline is about a love interest. A small part of my song will premiere in one of the episodes of the series of Chicken Girls, I am not sure which episode. Also, I will have my music video by April for my new song. I am hoping that this song will resonate with a lot of my teen fans.

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